An innovative Helmet with cooling fan and Coco peat shock absorber

May 1, 2012 | by

Helmets- the first and foremost word of bike journey, but  most of us are not comfortable with helmets due to multiple reasons. People says it’s mainly due to the attitude towards helmets but it’s always not like that. After a long bike ride, just remove your helmet and feel the difference..Safety is paramount but why designers ignoring the sweat, weight and heat exhaustion problems with helmets? Now an Indian innovator Muraleedharan comes with a unique helmet. A perfect solution for heat and sweat problems with helmets.

muraleedharan cool helemtMuraleedharan’s helmet is made-up of Coco peat and fiber glass. Why Coco Peat? He says “Learn from nature.. coconut is less likely to cause damage when it drops from about 50 to 60 feet.. Here the cushion of coco peat gives complete protection complete protection.” He has used synthetic fiber glass only to mold the coconut fiber to helmet shape- this is the only artificial material used . In normal helmets Thermocol and sponges are used to give cushion effect and comfort.

Not finished..A battery operated automatic exhaust fan  facilitates complete air circulation inside helmet keeps your head cool. The fan will not consume the battery power while riding, it utilizes the air flow. When you stop the vehicle, a sensor will sense it and the fan will be powered by battery.

Muraleedharan claims that this cool and light weight helmet can compete with any other commercially available brands in terms of price and comfort. If his dream comes true, you will get this helmet in your nearby shops shortly.

This is not his first innovation- He has made a Thermocol alternative by using cotton waste and coco peat. He has patented his “Garment conveyer line table” – used in textile industry. His another innovation is “induction cooker compatible earthen pot”.



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