Battery and Screen Pro for Your iPhone Maintenance

November 12, 2010 | by

One of the biggest considerations of iPhone users, and every gadget owner for that matter, is to constantly find ways to prolong their phones’ talk time and battery life, as well as maintain a clear and smudge-free touch screen.

For the overwhelming majority of buyers of Apple gadgets such as the iPhone and iPad, a utility app was released to help in managing the two most important aspects of their precious devices. Battery and Screen Pro is aimed at the heavy gadget user who like to get the most out of his or her iPhone or iPad for every dollar’s worth of its battery, while avoiding the eye strain that results from focusing too long at a poorly maintained touch screen.

The advantages of having an app that will handle both battery and screen concerns will mean a certain cost to the user. Heavy Duty Apps took this to heart when they came up with Battery and Screen Pro. With maximum functionality bundled in this very low-profile app, users are sure they are paying their money’s worth in its cost-saving benefits of prolonging the vital components of their gadgets.

From initial access, the app goes right into the thick of things by presenting the user with tips on how to care for their batteries and touch screens. The actual fireworks, though, happen when the app is put through its paces. Running Battery and Screen Pro’s Battery Performance feature will give the individual exact measurements of the batteries’ remaining juice for any particular task, whether talking with somebody in 3G or 2G, Internet browsing, listening to music or playing videos. Using the Charge Pro feature, on the other hand, enables precision charging of the battery each and every time. It monitors the entire process with battery checks at three stages to ensure that the battery is fully topped off. This feature thus takes away most of the head-scratching from the notoriously inconsistent default charge meter showing a different 100 percent every charge.

The third feature, Screen Pro, provides a further measure to diagnose screen problems through color tests.

At the end of the day, the decision to purchase this wonderfully simple app is the gadget owner’s to make. The more conscientious and heavily device-dependent out there will see Battery and Screen Pro as a great addition to their app lineup, actually more as an essential utility rather than an optional package. Laid-back users may find the app to be nice to have, but not altogether necessary. Whatever the final verdict is, Battery and Screen Pro remains a useful insurance against the phone occasionally conking out when it’s badly needed. All things considered, this should be motivation enough for iPhone owners to include Battery and Screen Pro in their list of truly useful apps.


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