Easy WordPress installation in your local machine using BitNami

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Almost every WordPress bloggers keep a local copy of WordPress installation, which is  essential for testing  plugins, themes as well as other design elements. WordPress installation in local machine makes the WordPress learning curve simple and need not to depend upon the net connection or disturb the live blogs for testing. Installation and configuration of WordPress in a local machine is probably not easier for newbies. It is not a single step process , it involves the installation and configuration of Appache server, MySQL, PHP  and then the installation of  WordPress.

The multi platform application BitNami cut shorts all these steps and makes the WordPress installation much easier.BitNami WordPress Module greatly simplifies the installation of WordPress and its required dependencies. Download the BitNami WordPress installation pack from here as per your Operating System. You can download the installer packages for Windows, Linux and Mac.


BitNami WordPress Stack contains the following

  - WordPress 3.1.3
  - Apache 2.2.17
  - MySQL 5.1.56
  - PHP 5.3.6
  - phpMyAdmin 3.3.10

All these applications will be installed  and configured by the installer wizard automatically. This makes WordPress installation in local machine much simpler.

See the installation steps of Windows.To begin the installation process, double-click on that file, and you will be greeted by the ‘Welcome’ screen. Pressing ‘Next’ will take you to the Component Selection screen, where you can select the phpMyAdmin component. This tool meant to manage the administration of MySQL over the web.

Wordpress Installation in Local machine
Wordpress installation in PC, Linux and Mac

All the installation steps are self explanatory and once the installation is completed, you can access WordPress  with http: // or http: //localhost/wordpress .

BitNami Stacks

BitNami WordPress module is only a Part of BitNami Stacks. Same way as WordPress , several Open Source Content Management Systems Modules like Joomla, Drupal, Moodle, Media Wiki, PhpBB etc are also available as installation package. First of all you need to install the base package. After that download the  the required modules and run the installation Wizard, rest all things will be done by the installer.

Native, Cloud and Virtual Machine installer Stacks

The Stacks can be deployed as conventional Native Installers, Virtual Machine Images or Cloud Images. Native installers are single file executables which you download to your machine. When double-clicked, they take you step-by-step through each step of the automated setup process. They are available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. BitNami Virtual Machine Images are pre-configured and include a minimal installation of Linux and a BitNami Stack.They are available for VMWare as well as the latest version of VirtualBox. BitNami Cloud Images permit you to operate a BitNami Stack in a cloud computing environment on a pay-as-you-go basis, and can start and stop them. BitNami Cloud Images are now available for Amazon EC2.


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