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January 25, 2011 | by

This is a guest post by Kishore – A blogger / web developer working on WordPress. For guest posting in Techlineinfo, please go through the guidelines.

WordPress is known to the best Blogging software used by millions, with great features of plugins and themes which can customize your installation according to your need. If you need to have an extra feature, you can get it by using a plugin which can be installed without modifying the core files so that when you update your installation with a new version, your customization is not effected.Themes helps you give a different look to your blog according to your thoughts or niche of your blog.There are many people who run more than one blog, some even 10 blogs and some even 100’s.

I have been using WordPress for about 5 years now and I need to manage about 10 blogs. It’s really a tough job to login to all my blogs and moderate comments or write new posts, moderate posts, etc. I was using Windows Live Writer which comes with Windows Live now. It’s again a good tool but has some restrictions so I thought of developing a plugin which can do everything that I needed.

  1. Write new posts
  2. Moderate and publish the posts submitted by other registered authors of my blogs
  3. Moderate comments
  4. Reply to comments, send personal reply via emails when needed
  5. Cross posting
  6. Searching for a topic while I write a post to link to old posts which are related
  7. Blog directly from Feed Reader
  8. Tweet my posts using multiple twitter accounts
  9. Search for images and upload to my server and add to post
  10. Upload images from an image link on any domain
  11. Search Google Images, Google Blogs, Flickr, Google News, My own blogs, Twitter, Facebook to get more information on the topic that I am writing on.

These were the features that I wanted and I came up with a plugin called Kish Multi Pro which is now used by more than 1000 bloggers / webmasters and to be honest, I was surprised to hear by one of the user who manages 700 websites using this plugin. This plugin uses the XMLRPC protocol to communicate with your blogs and the biggest advantage is that you do not need to install any plugins to any of your blog to connect to this plugin. Just install this plugin to one of your blog and connect all your blogs which you want to manage. All you need is to enable remote publishing on the blogs that you want to manage.

Another great feature of this plugin is that it has a plugins feature inside the plugin where you can write your own plugins to modify the usage of the plugin. It uses the WordPress actions and filters and other custom filters / actions and gives full control to modify the plugin without modifying the core files. You can disable the features that you do not want to use and add features using the plugins available or request for a plugin describing the kind of feature that you want to add.


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