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Summary: You can have a sneak peek at the top security tips to make your WordPress site safe and secure. Use these top security tips and relax.

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WordPress has indeed revolutionized the manner in which sites are made as well as put all power of web designing into hands of all those who like it. But, once the website gets up and all running, it is at risk of facing malicious attacks by the hackers and other unwanted stuff.

In fact, a successful and effectively running WordPress site will take some energy and time; you even need to ensure that all this hard work is not destroyed in a single second by some malicious attack. It is thus important to follow and be aware of top security tips for WordPress in order to secure your site and protect it from malicious attacks.

Tip #1Change the default admin profile

You will see that each and every WordPress account starts with “admin” being the default account. Many users thus leave this name or account as the primary account and so, this simply means that the malicious attackers and hackers have won half a battle already. So, the time the WordPress page is created, you need to ensure that the admin account is either changed or deleted so as to give it a safer and unidentifiable name.

Tip #2 What about the passwords?

Passwords serve to be the common security problem and so they need to be very strong. The hackers are great at cracking your passwords. So, it is wise not to make the dictionary work as your password as they are simple to crack.

It is generally seen that people keep their passwords as “12345”, “QWERTY”, “abcdefgh” and others. They even keep their names as the password so that they can be recalled easily. But the truth is that keeping such passwords is the foolish act. So, the password that you keep for your WordPress site should be long, should include the lower case and upper case letters, special symbols and numbers, all in one. You can even use different log in passwords for different purposes such as admin login, database login and FTP.

Tip # 3 Install the security plugins

You will be amazed to see the pool of security plugins available for WordPress. It is also important to take note of using the plugins that are most effective and useful. Many hackers gain access to your site by running the attacks on admin name or password and through other means. So, you need to stop or prevent this using the security plugins available.

Tip # 4 Updating regularly helps a lot

WordPress development team is indeed great when it comes to updating their platform the time they notice some security threat. While this is generally the game of Tom and Jerry, ignoring the updating of your WordPress site on a regular basis is just like increasing your chances of facing attacks. Not updating even means that you are giving all chances to the hackers and malicious attacks to take away your WordPress site easily.

Tip # 5 Update the Plugins and themes

This is in fact the most crucial thing to do. You have to be updated and this simply means that you require updating the WordPress theme its plugins and the site itself. When you update the site, you ensure its proper security. More so, you do the update not just to improve the features but even to change or prevent the loopholes found in the previous plugin or theme.

Tip # 6 Keep proper backup of your data

Irrespective of the amount of hard work you put in to make and keep your WordPress site secure, some catastrophic attack or failure can always prove to be a possibility. So, it is very crucial to keep backup of your data at all times. There are indeed various free and paid backup plugins available as well that help you to choose the best time to save the information.

So, with all these security tips, you can ensure that you keep your WordPress site at bay from attacks and malicious risks.

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