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Theme selection is one of the most confusing and time taking part. My first theme was Atahualpa theme, shifted to Arthemia Free, then Arras theme…..Swift and finally landed to Thesis . Here I am not going through the pros and cons parts of above mentioned themes. Then what led me to the present theme Thesis?
Thesis Theme for WordPress:  Options Galore and a Helpful Support Community
Thesis may be the most popular and reviewed premium WordPress theme of blogosphere, each and every Thesis users are boasting the benefits . I never believed those reviews completely because I know that  this is one of the most marketed WordPress themes through affiliate affiliate networks (I am also using Thesis affiliate banners, but this post is not a part of marketing). Before going to invest a good amount of money only for  a WordPress theme, I needed a good advice (Not an affiliated advice). Then I approached Mr Harsh Agarwal (Shoutmeloud). This  was our conversation about Thesis.

Hi Harsh,

I am very much confused about Thesis theme. My blog is around 1 year old and getting almost good traffic. I am satisfied with my present Theme (Swift), but in the blogosphere everyone talk about Thesis, unfortunately all the reviews are from the affiliates so totally confused. I have gone through the articles of your site also. I need your personal advice- Is it worth to spend such a big amount of money for a theme? I don’t consider the returns from affiliate and the customization.. I  Expect an expert unbiased suggestion from you.

Hey Sujith

It again depends..If you think your site is well SEO optimized and swift is taking care of your need..Don’t switch to Thesis..

The thing with Thesis is it has build a community around and being a premium Theme people are looking forward to buy it..

I spend on this theme because I was using some free theme and it has lots of issues in terms of customization and SEO..

Whereas Thesis support is amazing when it comes to customization.. 1000 of tutorials will help…

Though if I would have been at your place, I would have find answer like this:

Is my theme missing something?

Is my theme SEO optimized ( I believe Swift is SEO optimized)

Do I have spare money to spend on this theme?

Will I be able to customize Thesis or not…

That’s  it and you will have an answer



The unbiased reply of Harsh is very much appreciable and I hope this advice is helpful to you also like me.

For me my previous theme Swift was OK, easy to customize, no coding required, fast loading, SEO optimized and many more. However my curiosity to test the features of  Thesis led me in purchasing one copy. Installed a copy in  my test blog of local machine. Surfed through thousands of Thesis tutorials and learned a lot.  The customization part is not yet completed. Still doing experiments. I have a plan to offer free Thesis skins also.

In SEO point of view, frequent theme change is not desirable because changing the themes will shift the page structure , which can badly affect the search engine index and ranking. Here Thesis wins, means without changing the structure of blogs one can completely change the design of a blog. For Thesis customization you need not to be a developer or coder. Even without basic CSS/HTML knowledge you can easily customize it.

Now I am also a Thesis fan . If you have any theme change plan , go for Thesis (This is not an affiliate advice 🙂 ). Just completing two months with Thesis, so it is too early to say about the SEO and traffic benefits. However one thing I can underline, Thesis didn’t pull down my traffic, Page Rank or SERP.


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