Eeebuntu an Ubuntu destro for Netbooks (Especially Asus eee PC)

March 13, 2010 | by

Netbooks are getting more and more popular nowadays due to the ultra portability. Asus is the pioneer in Net book world with their most popular Eee PC series. In my previous posts I have already mentioned about the pros and cons and tips to buy a netbook. Try the  Ubuntu  Destro- Eeebuntu specially developed  for Asus Eee PCs.  The developers has tweaked  Ubuntu to perform well the limited resources of a Netbook. Eeebuntu uses a specially customised kernel designed for the EeePC.

The installation procedure is very simple and user friendly as compared with other Linux destros. You can experiment with the live session to verify all the features without making any changes to your system. Eeebuntu  can be very easily installed from a USB flash drive. This destro is the winner of  SourceForgenet Community Choice award in the category of  best new project.

Download Eeebuntu from here

The detailed step by step installation procedure here


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