The Best Way to Blog for a Business

February 2, 2011 | by

This is a guest post by Neil. He is the  head of Marketing For EmobileScan Europe. For guest blogging in Techlineinfo, read the guidelines.

Blogging has become a way to communicate with the world about personal and business related thoughts, beliefs and information. It helps you to share your viewpoint with the visitors to your website, who have chanced upon your site randomly or have consciously clicked for some specific requirement. Blogging has also started as a way to keep up with the Joneses, everyone blogs, so you start too. Though blogging may be easy but keeping the blog alive is very tough. It has to be informative and interesting enough to get visitors, and blog posts have to be maintained regularly. There are thousands who start with a lot of enthusiasm, but run out of ideas and bury their blog in to obscurity.

Specialized blogs are maintained for businesses as well. These have a tendency to last longer due to the business link and their ability to promote and sustain the business. However, it is important that the blog is right for the business. This can be gauged by ensuring that the blogging tools used are conducive to promoting the business.

The golden rule of blogging and other business promoting techniques like newsletter, feeds, or emails, is good, original and interesting content. Content has to be such that when a reader goes through the entire length, he feels he has learnt something new and added to his knowledge. This means it should have information beyond what the common man knows already. Any mundane news, information that holds no significance for the reader will make it boring for him to continue, and he will click away never to return. Hence besides being informative, blogs must be gripping in style, simple in language and very relevant. Again, this cannot be a one-time affair, it has to be consistently and continuously so. Therefore, before getting into the blogging routine a few things to remember include:

  • Having something substantial to share, is important, even if it means reading up and gaining knowledge yourself
  • Blogs will have to be updated4-5 times a week, so they can tie you down
  • Making a habit of reading of other related blogs and feeds to know the trends and being able to trackback to your blog by commenting on theirs and adding the link to your blog for reference to a point made
  • Having a big subscriber list who form your target audience

Blogs are never an overnight success and even when they do become successful, they will stay at that level only with a lot of hard work to maintain the quality of content provided. Design and aesthetics are other frills that add to the appeal of the blog content.

A few tips about making the blog a success for business:

  • Provide relevant and solid content
  • Make sure to update it on all working days
  • Have simple and appealing design and layout.
  • Information provided must be the latest, so that for any new development your readers look at your blog
  • Personal updates work for celebrities not businesses, and must therefore be avoided
  • Ingenuity and perseverance always pays off over time
  • Participate in others’ blogs and comment according to your expertise, with links pasted to your blog for clarification of your comments. It helps to generate traffic from the target audience of other blogs.

The list for tips can go on endlessly, but apply them a few at a time to make the blog right for your business and then introduce more changes to keep it that way.


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