This Is Why Your Content Marketing Strategy Failed….

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It’s funny how internet marketing folks attempt to make old marketing methods appear new. Take article promotion for example. You may be brought to think that this was a invention by savvy marketers in the past from the internet. Article promotion includes a lengthy history within the print realm of creating exceptional quick results for individuals who correctly make use of this method.

To create an article strategy that works with backlink building and Search engine optimization, you should know the main difference between quality articles and junk e-mail.

Business proprietors and early publicists rapidly found that getting their articles (or individuals of the clients) released in gossip columns and newspapers quite frequently gave much better results than paid advertisements. The credibility and authority article promotion given to individuals who tried on the extender was worth the (then) extensive effort it required to generate the ink. My, how things change.

Let’s see how content marketing strategy is used as a link building method

Today, however, sub-standard article promotion has flooded the web. A lot to ensure that Google lately cracked lower on “junk” or “bulk” articles and also the sites that house them. What began online like a seem and productive marketing method has, so typically, converted into a spamfest. This would function as the fate of numerous once-legit internet marketing methods.

However, there’s great news! First, your posts needn’t be sacrificed around the altar of quantity. Salvation can nonetheless be found when quality is the goal. Within this chronilogical age of junk articles, yours could possibly be the shining beacon inside a ocean of pitifully written tales.

Second, quality article promotion continues to be an very viable online marketing method that provides multiple benefits, including:

  • Growing your achieve to new audiences through guest blogging
  • Garnering press coverage
  • Engaging and transforming prospects into clients
  • Enhancements in social networking visibility
  • Increases in sustainable link recognition
  • Positioning yourself being an authority inside your area

Allow me to explain such a massive difference quality makes by having an excerpt from my new Wordtracker Masterclass e-book titled Article Promotion: The Write Method to Build More Links.

Quality versus quantity

You’ll hear me shout it in the roofs: Quality trumps quantity each time if this involves writing and submitting articles!

Article rewriters (that slightly change an authentic article into a number of different versions) will also be popular. What’s their purpose? In order to save the planet in the dreaded Duplicate Content Penalty (which does not exist as Google described way in 2008).

Today, everybody is turning to article-producing software that unlawfully searches an incredible number of websites and harvests items of text from their store therefore it can patch together a “new” piece. These programs sell themselves underneath the pretense of fair use under US copyright laws and regulations (which simply is not true). And why? All therefore the over-fervent author can create 100 articles per week to be able to ton the web with yet more content around the good reputation for toaster ovens as well as other lame subjects like that.

If you are not likely to write quality articles – in case your only goal would be to garner links at all possible – I’ve not so good news for you personally. It will not work. A minimum of not in the long run.

Marketing with articles is guaranteed as someone reads articles you’ve written and wishes to reproduce it online. When the articles you are writing are junk, nobody may wish to publish them on the blogs or websites. You will have used your time and creating pieces which are useless for you or other people. In addition, if you are using automated article-writing software and obtain caught plagiarizing or breaking the copyright of somebody else’s work, you will find serious legal implications. You may be hit with fines as high as $25,000 per instance in america, plus removing your website from Google and also the deletion of the web site (or entire site) in the hands of the website hosting company via a procedure for filing an easy DMCA complaint.

To be able to get quality links from well-respected sites, you need to produce quality, well-respected articles that they’ll wish to reprint. Returning links from scrapper blogs which have no PageRank does minimum good.

Article promotion isn’t exempt from testing

Consider using a campaign of junk articles. Track where you’ve distributed them, the number of occasions these were reprinted, where these were reprinted, the standard from the sites that reprinted them, the number of back-links you received from each one of these and the amount of conversions which were produced.

Then perform the same goes with well-written, high quality articles. Ultimately, which made you more income? Is not that the conclusion? Links are basically a way to an finish. If you achieve one solid link that creates $1,000 in revenue, that’s much better than getting 100 useless links that deliver an overall total of $100 in revenue.

You hear the cry so frequently online: “Test, test, test!” Test out your prospecting. Test out your website landing page. Test out your shopping cart software. The need for practically everything on the internet is proven or disproven by testing. Article promotion isn’t any exception.

Articles may be released if they’re informative instead of marketing. For instance, if you’re the website owner of the ‘tour guide’ travel site, an array of well-written top travel articles covering subjects for example: travel encounters, vaccination suggestions, tourist points of interest, architectural and religious history, do’s and don’ts for safe travel etc, will establish your organization being an authority inside your market niche and make consumer confidence inside your service.

After hearing all this furrow about the quality VS quantity debate, I am sure you must be scared to even try article marketing as a link building strategy. Fair enough, because if you are running a host of many niche sites then link building becomes a big problem and people tend to look for more automated forms of link building. Dripable is one such link building tool which lets you build links on autopilot while the system drip feeds your links to forums and web 2.0 profiles at regular intervals making your link building natural and effective. You can try it out for free here.


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