New spam filter for Blogger-Powered by Gmail technology

August 12, 2010 | by

Google has announced a new comment spam filtering technique for the most popular blogging platform Blogger. The new system offers two things one is advanced spam filtering and the other  is to view all the comments in one place.

The conventional spam filtering options like captcha, login, manual moderation etc are limiting the real-time interactive behavior of a blog. Now Google has integrated their most powerful Gmail spam filtering technique in blogger also. You can see the new “Comments” tab in the blogger dashboard. The comment tab has three sub tabs also Published, Awaiting moderation and Spam.

All your published comments will be available in the “inbox” (Comments | Published). This  facilitates easy navigation through the comments. Spam folder shows the spammed comments. You can mark a comment as spam or vice versa. Comments in Spam folder are not visible in the blog. Comments awaiting moderation will be queued in the “awaiting moderation” folder. This spam filtering option is applicable for new comments only.

Disable captcha and remove comment moderation in your blog. See how powerful the new system. This new feature is still in a gradual rolling out stage, you may not be able to see the “comment” tab in your dash board, be patient and wait. Within few days it will become available for all users.


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