Will Your Internet Connection Stand the Test of Time?

January 4, 2011 | by

When talking about the kind of internet connection we use, a lot of us base the quality of an internet connection on things that are ephemeral. Very little of us calculate the long-term effect of the internet connection we use and this ends up biting us on the long run.

Before ever choosing your internet connection it is highly important to do due diligence especially considering that some internet service providers will charge you a fine if there is a service breach. For example, if you agree to go for a longer contract and due to one reason or the other you decided to terminate your contract you might end up paying a large amount as fine. This shouldn’t be, and a great way to avoid this is by doing the right thing before you start using a service.

A lot of companies spend millions of dollars in advertisement every month and as far as these companies are concerned you shouldn’t expect them to get little results from their efforts; they must advertise and they must make sales, and since most of their sales come from the advertisements they pay for they will do their best to make sure it converts.

Take a look at an internet connection and tell me one or two features you like about it and I will tell you several other internet connection services have it. The best thing to do is go for some highly important things that can only be found in very few internet connection services. For example, if we take a look at speed you will notice that all broadband services have that so it isn’t much of a criterion to use when trying to choose an internet connection.

The Long-Term

You shouldn’t indulge yourself in something more than you can handle and it wouldn’t be advisable to be switching internet connection services every now and then but you should rather make sure a service has what you want and use it for a very long time.

As far as making sure you get the best from an internet connection service on the long run is concerned one of the things that matters is how reliable that service is. You shouldn’t just think that all that glitters is gold; I’ve used a broadband connection that was super fast the first week only to see it slower than a dial-up connection after a few weeks (no exaggeration here). There are several things that can help you know where a company stands as far as service quality is concerned and one of those things is the company track record. If a company is known for inconsistency then there is every probability it will disappoint you on the long run.

Who’s In Charge?

It is also highly important for you to know who is in charge of a broadband internet service before you start using it. When I mean “knowing who’s in charge” I’m not saying you should waste your time trying to see who owns the network or the likes, that doesn’t really matter because you will have no interaction with the company founders but the main people you will have constant reasons to interact with are the customer care representatives and as far as quality is concerned they must be the best.

There are several broadband services that have great code of conducts as far as the service they offer is concerned but many of them have experienced one problem or the other either with their users or the network. The customer care representative of a particular broadband network will determine the future of that network because the customers are the future of a company and any company that makes its users suffer will surely suffer – you’re assured of the best if a broadband network has the best customer support team so make sure you watch for this in any network.


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