7 Tech Entrepreneurs who Conquered the World at Light Speed

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The world truly has a love for entrepreneurs. Those trailblazers that ventured into the business world and succeeded on their own and against all odds have a mythic quality to them. You could even say entrepreneurs are the modern day equivalent to traditional folk heroes. Yes, there is a folksy charm and grand idealism found in the life story of legendary entrepreneurs. And their life stories do greatly inspire others to follow their lead.

And many of those that follow their lead achieve great success as well. Such tales of successful followers is another reason why entrepreneurs do deserve great praise. They have inspired so many to take up the mantle of success that entrepreneurism remains a dynamic pursuit.

In particular, tech entrepreneurs deserve an amazing amount of praise since they have truly revolutionized the way people interact and communicate.

Among all the many great tech entrepreneurs in history, the following seven deserve great praise for their ability to conquer the world in record time:

Michael Dell

Michael Dell

Would personal computers truly be as popular as they are had not Michael Dell lent his brilliant and innovative mind to their development? Well, Apple did release home computers to the market long before Mr. Dell created his new innovation. However, Dell’s model of the personal computer certainly exceeded the popularity of anything Apple ever delivered to the market. The success of Michael Dell started in 1984 when he was still a college student. Dell’s initial $1,000 investment eventually turned into a $30 billion fortune and he remains one of the greatest and most important tech entrepreneurs in history.

Steve Jobs

steve jobs

Speaking of Apple, the famous founder of Apple computers designed the first prototype of the home computer in his garage and raised the money for the first computer by selling an old car. On paper, such a business model had to sound outright crazy. Like many successful and legendary entrepreneurs, Jobs showed that ’”crazy” can sometimes equate with success…immense success!

Meg Whitman

SAN JOSE, CA - JUNE 23: eBay President and CEO Meg Whitman delivers a keynote address at the 2005 eBay Live! conference June 23, 2005 in San Jose, California. The three-day eBay Live! conference brings the eBay community together for seminars, vendor exhibits and networking. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

In a year or two, no one will remember Whitman’s failed attempt at running for governor of California. She will, however, go down in history for his incredible success as the CEO and driving force behind eBay, one of the most revolutionary concepts in online marketing ever crafted. If you want a deal on something, eBay is the place to go and you can thank Meg Whitman for that.

Bill Hewlett


Hewlett-Packard products remain as innovative today as they were when first released. You can thank the groundwork that Bill Hewlett laid for the development of the company in its early days for such long lasting success. The odds were against Hewlett-Packard’s ability to succeed in a perpetually changing market but the company has thrived. Bill Hewlett’s talents have certainly contributed to this.

Martin Cooper


Mr. Cooper can be considered a tech genius that was decades ahead of his time. In 1973, Cooper was working in Motorola’s research and development divisions and he came up with an incredible prototype: the mobile phone. It took 10 years for a commercial version of the phone to be developed and another 10 years for the model to come down in price. The wait was worth it as the cell phone remains an incredible tech device.

Adam Osborne

adam obsorne

In 1983, Adam Osborne was able to do something NONE of the major computer companies could do. He developed a small portable computer that would eventually become the first laptop. His company was a huge success at first but the big boys eventually released their own cheaper models and put him out of business. While this may be how history played out, you cannot take away the fact Osborne was the originator and the innovator.

Bill Gates

bill gates

How could you leave the legendary software developer Bill Gates off a list of tech entrepreneurs that conquered the world? With out Mr. Gates, we would not have the Windows operating system and the world of modern technology would not be what it is today.

Are there other great entrepreneurs in the tech world that deserve great praise? Of course there are. However, the seven major names mentioned here can be considered the most deserving due to their incredibly longstanding impact on the tech world.

Really, these folks changed the way the world operates.


This is a guest post by Mariana Fang Lin. She is an avid blogger and writes throughout the blogosphere. She’s most interested in social media, mobile marketing, mysql hosting services, and Internet marketing strategy. You can follow Mariana on Twitter here.


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