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November 26, 2011 | by

Are you looking for a site through which you can download mp3 songs legally and economically? Then your search ends ar You may be able to see a lot of sites to download mp3 songs, but then why Iomoio stands odd from the crowd? Here you can get the songs as cheap as $.16 each !!. Some people may advice you, once you can download the same songs from many other sites without paying a single penny then why to pay? If you support piracy, then you can go for it and face the music piracy related legal consequences.


You just compare the prices with Amazon or any other legal download sites, then will come to know the reality. A notable feature of this site is that, to you need not to pay for the whole album for downloading a single song. In many other sites you are paying for all the songs in the album that you never listen to.

Registering at the site is a simple process that just involves filling out 4-5 fields of information. When you verify your email address you will be given a $.32 credit. This is enough for your first two mp3 music downloads.

Iomoio music database is updated daily with latest releases and collections. Now they have over 1,595,223 tracks available on the site to download. The music previews help you confirm the track you want to purchase the right one. The preview will be of low quality but the actual track will be of good quality

The elegant site interface  delivers a comprehensive catalog that includes albums from all major artists. Browsing the catalog is based on genre and styles.

YMusic bought from can be played on any device which plays mp3 songs including Apple iPods. All these are DRM free hence you can do anything you like with them. Quality of the songs ranges from 168kbps to 320kbps

When you combine all of these qualities you end up with a place to get mp3 downloads that is top notch. The price, quality, and the fact that you know you are downloading your mp3 music downloads legally makes your best choice for music.


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