Eight economical Noika 3G handsets in India

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Nokia, the world leader in mobile handsets brings before you a large platoon of easy to    use cell phones designed to suit  your needs. A sleek looking  3G mobile set having the best of features  that would be the envy of everyone around is something anyone would want. And if it comes with an affordable and reasonable price as well, what else could you ask for ! Read on to come across 8 of Nokia’s  economical 3G phones with various features, tons of applications and more, well within your budget as well.

1.   Nokia 2730 classic

Who said good things don’t come in low prices ?The Nokia 2730 classic has all features that would make it desirable. Has preloaded Ovi applications which can be made the best use of because of the fast internet access that the phone provides. Has up to 2 GB memory so that you can load all those favorite tracks  of yours. Also equipped with a built in FM radio . For the ones who love to take snaps, it has a 2 megapixel camera and a 2” QVGA display

Price : Rs 4199/-

2 .  Nokia 7020

The Nokia 7020 is an extremely colorful, stylish, and trendy handset with dazzling lighting effects. Just tapping twice on the cover will show you details like time, date, call and SMS info.  Access to social networking sites is possible as well. For the photo department, it comes preloaded with Nokia Imaging09 software which  allows you to systematically manage your photos with the 2.0 megapixel camera. Mp3 player and FM radio in built.  Micro SD memory card slot, max. 16 GB and up to 60 MB of internal user memory.

Price : Rs 4879 /-

3. Nokia 7230

This is the ultimate choice of the urban youngster. It bends style with user friendly service It has a good build quality and subtle lighting effects and feels great to hold, complete with a compact slider.
It comes with a 3.2 megapixel camera and 4x digital zoom. And now you don’t need to waste time logging in from a PC to share that photo you just clicked on your phone and are so desperate for your friends to see. Upload to Flickr, Facebook or you tube right away from your phone.  Built in music player.Now enjoy your favourite tracks on the move. Has a MicroSD memory card slot so you can add up to 16 GB more storage and carry even more music with you . Ringtones can be in the form of Mp3, mid, AAC, eAAC. eAAC+ and WMA.  Available in colours Graphite and Hot Pink

Price: Rs 5999/-

4. Nokia 5233

The Nokia 5233 is another style meets functionality type. This has all specifications same as the Nokia 5230 except for the 3G transceiver. It is just a 2G version of the 5230 set, hence the lower price.

Price : Rs 6299/-

5.  Nokia 5230

This one is for all those techno freaks out there. This one is extremely stylish and has a touch screen input method. So it has a touch sensitive wide screen display. It has microSD  memory card slot, with hot swap max 16GB. It’s refined and enhanced media player allows for playing tracks more systematically and organizing  your favorite songs. Also has a Nokia Ovi player. And it does not end
here. It allows you access to the Nokia Music store where you enter a world of music from your phone. And a built in FM player on top of that. With  Pre-stored games, media library, 2 megapixel camera, Nokia messaging service, etc, this is a phone you’ll be craving for.

Price : Rs 7399/–  6400/-

6. Nokia 3710 fold

This one is the cutest of the lot…Sleek, slender, and    small, this one looks great. It  has a special feature where you can see the name of your caller on the hidden cover display which lights up when you receive messages or calls. Apart from that it has a photo gallery where you can easily organize and save photos in folders and view them in template forms after taking snaps with the 3.2 megapixel built in camera. It also has flash feature which aids taking photos in dark areas. It has MicroSD memory card slot up to 8 GB. Plays mp3 files, midi files AAC, enhanced AAC enhanced AAC+ and WMA files. Built in FM radio

Price : Rs 7499/-

7. Nokia C5-00

This phone is an ideal one for those addicted to social networking sites.  Easily log in to sites like Facebook and update profiles, see your friend’s profile and much more. Chat services like Gtalk and Windows messenger available as well, along with other mail services like Hotmail, Gmail etc .Includes Ovi Maps with free Walk and Drive navigation, free guides from Lonely Planet and Michelin, and much more. Nokia Music Manager and Nokia Music store included. You can add
16 GB of storage using the MicroSD memory card slot. Also includes built in FM radio

Price : Rs 7999/-

8. Nokia E63

This one has both Wi-fi and 3G, can be used to access files on your computer from anywhere, sharing photos on social networking sites and much more. It has a full  keyboard and a huge
landscape display. Music, Videos, FM Radio, it has them all. Even SMS , MMS and Email are combined in a single device. 110 internal dynamic memory and microSD memory card slot, max 8GB. But the best feature is it’s easy dial feature.Just typing your contact’s name on the screen
and you can call them
Price : Rs 9399/ 7799/-

These are eight of the most attractive and available deals that Nokia has to offer to you this season. Fully equipped to take care of all your need, owning any of these handsets could make anyone envy you. Take your time and pick any one of them.

Note: Only available handsets in Indian market are listed. For latest price and availability contact your nearest Nokia dealer


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