Entrepreneur? You Must Have These 5 Apps

August 10, 2011 | by

Entrepreneur On The Go!

While every entrepreneur will need a different set of apps that cater to each business, some apps have an almost universal appeal. These five apps can be a great help to almost any entrepreneur or professional looking to get the most out of their smart phone.

1. Evernote – There is no better memory and productivity aid note card app on the market right now than Evernote. With the ability to save handwritten messages, pictures, and recordings as part of one easy to search database, Evernote gives you the opportunity to put everything that occurs to you throughout the day somewhere where it can be recalled later. Use Evernote to make sure you never forget an important idea again.

2. Powwow Now’s Conference Calling AppPowwow Now has a conferencing call app that allows you to set up a conference call or join an existing conference call through a simple interface. With an international set of inexpensive dial in numbers and a straightforward setup for using the app, there isn’t a better option out there for a quick conference call internationally than the app available at Powwow Now.

3. My Eyes Only – Encrypt all of your important data with My Eyes Only. If you use your iPhone for business purposes, you’ve probably got important contacts, business credit cards, passwords, financial information, and a host of other things that really do not need to get into the hands of an opportunistic thief. With My Eyes Only you can use a fast and intuitive interface to make sure all of your important data is safe from people who get their hands on your phone.

4. World Mate – Use World Mate to keep track of your full itinerary every time you travel for business. With an interface that organizes your travel plans and presents you with an itinerary and options for booking new plans through your phone while on the go, World Mate covers all the bases while you travel. To make it easier to network at your destination, World Mate even works with LinkedIn to let you know if you have connections at your destination.

5. LinkedIn – Stay connected with other professionals and entrepreneurs through LinkedIn if you aren’t using it already. LinkedIn is the most popular social network out there aimed at the business market, and it shows. Use the LinkedIn mobile app to post status updates through your phone and keep track of other professionals in your field.

Your specific business may require a more specialized set of functions, but these five apps can be a help in any entrepreneur’s toolbox.


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