Four Solid Solutions For Your Slow Broadband Internet

April 30, 2011 | by

Broadband internet connection has brought a great relieve to many internet users over the past few years. Many people have witnessed and experienced the great hand of broadband internet connection in speed, reliability and consistency. For the sake of the high speed of the broadband internet connection, many people have gone to high extents to get this broadband internet connection. But unfortunately, many who are using the broadband internet connection still don’t experience any difference between their broadband internet connection and a dial up internet connection. This has pushed many to go to the internet in search for solutions to their slow internet connection. If you are on this page because you need solutions to you slow broadband internet connection, then count yourself lucky to be in the right place. Below are four solid solutions to your slow broadband internet connection problem.

Uninstall Unused Programs

On of the great cause of a broadband internet connection been slower than it ought to be is due to the unused programs that many people install on their computers without them been used. These unused programs that are installed on the computer go in a very long way to slow down the speed of the operating system and the computer which will consequently result to your internet connection and internet browser being very slow. For a better and grater performance of your broadband internet connection, uninstall those programs that are not useful but are on you computer and check the changes. If there are no programs that can slow down your computer installed on your computer then consider the next tip a useful one.

Clear Caches Regularly

Caches are stored details, images and scripts of the websites you visit and other information that your internet browser acquire and store on you computer which are of no use to the user. Caches are stored on the computer on each moment you browse the internet and the caches reduces the space on you hard disk which results in your computer working slowly and your internet becoming also slow. For you to experience a better taste in your broadband internet connection speed you have to clear the caches on you internet browser. To clear your cache, on Firefox, at the top of the Firefox window, click on the tools menu and select options… select advanced options and click network tab, in the offline storage section, click clear now, as detailed in the diagram below.

image explanation

Use an Up-to-date Antivirus

When you are using an outdated antivirus on your computer, there is the more potential tendency that you can fetch a large amount of viruses and spywares from the internet and from using unsafe or copying files through flash drives from virus infected computers. These viruses and malwares use a large percentage of your bandwidth for their purposes which results in your internet connection becoming very slow. You need to protect your computer from viruses and spywares which can cause your internet connection to work slowly by installing a correct antivirus on your computer and updating it regularly.

Upgrade you computer

One other thing that can make your internet connection work very slowly is your computer being very low in terms of its configurations and components. If the processor speed is slow and your RAM and hard disk space are slow you computer will be slow also and it will make your internet connection work very slow in speed. If you want your broadband internet connection to work faster, you need to upgrade you hard disk, RAM and processor, then your computer and broadband internet connection will be faster.


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