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November 21, 2010 | by

A news aggregator app for the iPhone, iMac and iPad is now available in SkyGrid. Like others in its category, SkyGrid gathers useful Internet tidbits for the device user’s viewing pleasure. A feature that distinctly makes it a cut above the rest is that it presents the news items under separate classifications according to relevance. For instance, by browsing the What’s Hot list, a variety of news articles with trending topics from multiple sources become available for the viewer to read and enjoy. Tap on a particular topic, and an article listing will drop down containing items from different websites and publishing sources. Those looking for a more conventional approach to reading the news can do so by scanning through the various categories for their topic of interest. A very convenient characteristic of SkyGrid is its universal compatibility with all iOS platforms, and users of each will get to view the same great news app whether they are using an iPhone, an iMac or an iPad. Using the iPad, the reader can choose to view the app in landscape to have nifty use of the side panel. Or, alternatively, read the news with the screen in portrait orientation, which allows a full-screen appearance for easier browsing.

A minor gripe about the app is the somewhat inconsistent indexing of topics which tapping at times return a handful of vaguely related items included with the relevant ones. The more vague the topic is, the more diverse the returned news items. Searching for specific articles is also not 100 percent foolproof. There are instances when a search will result in completely irrelevant topics.

These are negligible hitches, though, and are rather exceptions to the norm when it comes to great trending news presentation. Overall, most of the topics are on target when looking for the desired news item. The only trouble that may be encountered here may be based on the user’s particular tastes when it comes to reading the news. Individuals whose preferences lie in getting the news from conventional media such as the newspaper or talking heads from the TV would probably find SkyGrid to be unsuitable for them. The strength of SkyGrid is its wide variety. With news items from practically anywhere in the Internet, the individual gets the goods worldwide no matter how insignificant the article is, relatively speaking. For fans of trending topics, this is a very convenient way of picking up matters of interest for sharing with friends in their social networks.

Talking about sharing, SkyGrid enables user to share articles on their Twitter and Facebook accounts, and also has a function for saving interesting items to be viewed much later. This app will impress trending news advocates and their more traditional counterparts with its comprehensive topic index and functional layout for easy browsing and searching. Given a little time and hopefully, further tweaking from the developers, SkyGrid can potentially become the go-to app for what’s hot and what’s not.


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