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The practice of conducting wholesale business has evolved since ages and it is the same in recent times as well. Even though internet has influenced wholesale business practice in its own unique way the real soul is the same. Due to tough economic conditions worldwide, wholesale businesses are in tough competition with each other. Therefore they need effective marketing strategies to generate handsome revenue and to advertise the business properly. Several marketing techniques like social networking, business blogging, banner ads and many other are used nowadays by online marketers to make their business successful. Apart from all these strategies, offering giveaways on blog is also a popular ways to promote your wholesale business and products online.

Offering giveaways on your business blog is a promotional strategy which is really effective for the success of every kind and size of wholesale business. Online advertisement is really important for a wholesale business now because if you are unable to maintain visibility in target market, you can never expect your customers to remember you and you can never provoke them to keep on buying from you. Conglomerate companies spend thousands of dollars on marketing campaigns of their businesses with the hope that they will earn profit from them. The sole purpose of these campaigns is to create brand awareness among people and develop a sound image of their business and product.

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Giveaways on business blog can really do the advertisement of new products and can increase the sales of existing products offered by a wholesaler. Finding the right “giveaway” to promote your business and your brand recognition among customers is really a tough task. Therefore, giveaways which you are about to offer on your business blog must be selected carefully. Traditional giveaways such as pens, key chains, caps and coffee mugs are really attractive but I would suggest that giveaways must be creative, unique, attractive and relevant to your business or products. They should be attractive enough to catch the attention of your wholesale business clients. For instance, if you want to promote new flavor of coffee then you should take “coffee mug” as a giveaway and if you want to promote new vehicles or any spare part then “key chain or t-shirt” is a good giveaway. In both cases the items are reflecting the main product and providing a complete image of marketing campaign. This means that the giveaways should be relevant to the main product offered by you. Pens, pencils, t-shirts and caps are the feasible marketing giveaways which are considered fit for any kind of marketing campaign.

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Do you think that all these ideas are unique? To some extent they are unique giveaways but another unique idea is being described further. If wholesale business blog is about computer accessories then how is it to use USB memory device as a promotional giveaway in it? An attractive way is to giveaway something to anyone who comes to read the blog post on your business blog. In this way you can attract several new customers and if you are sure about the high quality of your wholesale products you can generate more sales. You can also place discount coupons on your blog as giveaways.  Giveaway discount coupons entice the customers to utilize the coupon and buy your products.

Competition is part of every wholesale business. If you offer attractive giveaways on your business blog, it can provide you an excellent competitive edge over others. Giveaways on you business blog are something really important and if you want to go an extra mile and achieve long-term success in your wholesale business, you must offer attractive giveaways on your business blog.


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