Google to launch its own “Groupon”: “Google Offers”

January 26, 2011 | by

The vast market of deals and coupons

Look out Groupon – Google’s launching its version, and that means there’s going to be trouble. In their effort to take over the internet completely, Google’s soon going to launch its Google Offers, which will work the same way as Groupon.

Google Offers

Groupon is a site that offers deals of the day in certain local cities. Every day, it offers a deal that can’t be beat for local food, shopping, sightseeing or nightlife. The deal is unbelievable, and if enough people sign up for it, it’s valid. Everybody tries to get their friends to sign up to the deal too so that they can enjoy the value.

With everything going mobile, Groupon has become tremendously popular, and Google wants a piece of that pie. Google Offers works in much the same day. Users get an email offering a great deal, and if they want it, they have to buy it within a certain time limit. Once the target minimum of customers has been hit, the deal goes into effect and everybody gets it.

Google Giving Groupon A Run For Its Money

If you’ve been paying close attention to the news lately, you’ll know that a few months ago Google tried to buy Groupon. Groupon turned down their $6 billion offer and instead is planning an initial public offering in the spring of 2011 for $15-20 billion! Google wasn’t about to give up and decided to do something about it.

In the last few months, they’ve been talking to business about getting started on Offers. It is in the testing phases of the new site, but reportedly already has a team of writers working on wording the offers. Although the company is not giving out any details about their prepared launch, Google has confirmed that it is setting up the site.

The quick expanding market

Sites like Groupon are booming because of the increased use of mobile phones. More and more, web surfers are using their phones to find places to eat, places to go, things to see and things to do. Techies predict a revolution in the wings where local businesses will be using the internet like never before to take advantage of this trend. Groupon, LivingSocial and similar coupon sites are just one example of this.

Google Offers will be launched at an unspecified time in the near future. Everybody will be watching as things develop. It’s sure to be a great new way to get deals right into your email inbox. The market as we know it evolves and nothing stays the same.

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