How an MPLS Network and VoIP Provider can Revolutionise Your Business

May 27, 2011 | by

Due to an uncertain economic climate, many businesses are looking for ways to streamline their running costs. For any business, be it large or small, communication is the key to success or failure.

To improve their communications, many companies are choosing to implement and MPLS Network and VoIP provider into their business practice. Companies that embrace this new technology are finding that their communication costs are significantly reduced; in fact, many companies are reporting a saving of over 50%. Hopefully this article will provide some insight into just how beneficial MPLS and VoIP can be!

So what is an MPLS network?

Multi Protocol Label Switching, more commonly referred to as MPLS, is a secure way in which companies can quickly transmit large volumes of data and information. Many businesses still use expensive and out dated methods of transmitting and connecting data.  Encrypting and decrypting information through dated technology systems can not only be time consuming but it can also be a more costly option. Using an MPLS Network to transfer data is not only a secure way to move data; it is also one of the fastest! Operating on a labels system, information and data can be moved quicker and safer than ever before. If disaster strikes and your network should fail, data can quickly be rerouted within an instance. With an MPLS Network there is no need for long and complicated back up procedures to be implemented.

The VoIP Provider

Along with installing an MPLS Network, many companies are choosing to also incorporate the services of a VoIP provider. With communication being at the forefront of any business, integrating VoIP into your business communications is a fantastic money saving option. Voice over Internet Protocol, more commonly referred to as VoIP, has helped revolutionise the way in which companies communicate. In simple terms, VoIP provides communication facilities through an internet connection. Gone are the days of manning a static phone line. You can now re route your calls to where ever you may be! Remote working practices are fast becoming the future of many online businesses.

With companies like Skype becoming increasingly popular, more and more people are utilising their internet connection to make telephone calls. With contrast to many other telephone providers, VoIP providers can offer significantly reduced, if not free, telephone services.  As well as traditional communications, VoIP has many added extras; from visual communications to remote access and rerouting, VoIP is most definitely the way forward for business communications.

How Can These Systems Benefit Your Business?

Combining the advanced technology of an MPLS Network with the extended and affordable communications offered by VoIP providers, businesses can find that their running costs are significantly reduced. With less time and effort needed for communications, business productivity is significantly increased.

If you want to move your business forward then incorporating an MPLS Network and VoIP Provider into your business module will undoubtedly save your time and money. Not only that, it will also keep you one step ahead of the competition!


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