How to configure WiFi Router EnGenious ECB 9500 to extend your WiFi network

November 2, 2010 | by

EnGenious ECB 9500 is an excellent WiFi router with multiple features. Range of normal WiFi is limited and not suitable to cater the uninterrupted service over a wide area. To extend the range, you have to use WiFi Repeaters. Here see the steps to configure the the WiFi router EnGenious ECB 9500 to extend your WiFi network.

Connect ECB 9500 Ethernet port with your PC’s Ethernet port with the supplied  cable. Now you have to configure the ip address of your PC.

Go to control panel and click on the network connections and get the properties of your network connection. In TCP IP properties, enter the following.

IP Address :

Subnet mask :

Default Gateway

Apply the settings.

Now open your web browser and type and you will get a popup window to enter the user id and password. Enter “admin” in both the fields. Now you will be routed to the configuration home page of the router.

The graphical router interface is self explanatory to configure the router in a desired mode. The configuration page is shown below.

Now click the “Operation Mode” sub menu under the “System” Main menu.Select the “Universal Repeater” option from the dropdown menu.

A dialog box will appear to notify you that the system will restart in order for the change to take effect. Click on the OK button to continue. Wait till the count down stops and router restarts.

Once this process is completed, click the “Basic” sub menu under the “Wireless” menu. Click the “Site Survey” button for searching available wireless network.

Now a popup window will open and display the available WiFi networks with details such as SSID, Signal strength , Channel, Encryption, Authentication, Mode etc.

Select your WiFi network and click “Connect” , if it is a secured network- You have to enter the password to connect. If everything is OK, the connection will be established successfully and status message will be displayed.

Now you have completed the configuration part. Can remove the Ethernet cable and position the configured ECB 9500 in a convenient location to enhance range of your existing WiFi network


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