How to get quality back links ? A basic guide

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Back links, also called inward links, inbound links, incoming links or in links are links on a web page that are posted on another page. Search engines consider links as a measure of the popularity of the website, and the more back links a website has, the more important or popular it is. Back links from reputable websites are called quality back links and serve to enhance prominence even more.

There is a debate going on about the effectiveness of getting a high volume of back links for any particular website. Some internet marketers think that the more links there are, the better. However, it is generally agreed that quality back links makes websites more visible to users of search engines effectively. In this respect, finding ways to get quality back links is recommended for any website owner. Below are some of the best ways to do so.

Link baiting

An excellent way to get quality back links is to formulate a really creative hook, using a tactic called link baiting. Anything on a website that can potentially garner back links can be used in link baiting, as long as it is creative and totally unique. A website can use ideas, posts, pictures and other content as link bait.

To illustrate how this works, a certain website owner launches a competition wherein anyone who shares information contained in his website will have the chance to win a popular item as a prize. Because the prize is very attractive to internet users, they will let other people know that there is such a contest going on by sharing the link of the website on their own webpage, blogs and posts.

The point of this tactic is to come up with something original to set your website apart from all the others, especially competing websites.

Marketing using articles

Another way to get quality back links is to do article marketing. This is done by writing an article which is then submitted to an article directory. For each article there is a website link that readers can access. Some of the better article directories in the internet, such as Expert Articles, Idea Marketers and Article dashboard can really help improve a website’s search engine rankings.

Several online services that offer article submission to different article directories are available for those who desire better results. These services take over the selection of directories from their clients, and one needs to be wary since there is a probability that the articles might go to inferior-quality directories.

Marketing through video

This is a practice that is similar to marketing articles. Instead of text content, videos are created and submitted to video directories, with a website link appearing in the caption. Since video is a very popular form of internet medium, websites that share video are reputable. In fact, some of the most well-known are owned by the major search engines themselves, like YouTube and Google Video.

Automatic video submission is allowed in many video directories, but care should be taken when selecting the service to do this job. Some prevent the video owner from changing the video description, which increases the risk of the owner being tagged as a spammer if the videos he or she submits sport identical descriptions in several websites.

Marketing in forums

Forums are another avenue to explore when gathering quality back links. Search for reputable forums within your target market and sign up on them. This allows the option to add the link to the forum member signature. To increase visibility of the link to other members the marketer would need to post from time to time, which can be read by people using the forum. This has the additional benefit of the marketer gaining credibility in his or her field.

Marketing in social media websites

Another ideal channel in which to do marketing is through social media websites. These sites enjoy large amounts of web traffic everyday and have impeccable reputation with search engines. Examples of these are Face book, MySpace and Twitter.

Like in forums, the marketer needs only to sign up with the website, after which he or she is then free to promote content there. Other members such as friends and family can be asked to assist in the marketing effort.

Blog Marketing

Blog marketing as a means to get quality back links can be done using two ways. The first one, blog commenting, is highly effective. Look for reputable blogs, read the posts and after that start commenting and adding links to the comments. Write comments that the owners of the blog will be unable to delete. If it contains content which the blogger looks for in a comment, chances are he or she will not remove it.

The other tactic is called blog renting. Using this method, the marketer needs to rent pages of reputable blogs that are relevant to the marketer’s website content in order to promote the website, and in the process acquire quality back links.

Quality back links are useful in helping websites achieve higher search engine rankings. Use the methods mentioned above in generating back links from reputable sites, and see a difference.


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