Top Free Anti-Virus Software For Windows–Comparison

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Windows being one of the most used Operating System, provides great flexible features and applications to enjoy, but the same popularity invites hackers and degraded minds to add malicious tools and applications. To prevent and enhance the safety, we are in need of another application, which we call Anti-virus software program. Choosing one is another daunting task. So here’s are some top free Anti-Virus tools you should use to protect your computer from malicious applications and threats.

top free anti virus for windows
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AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 2012

AVG Anti-virus is a light weight program, simple to use interface and it’s best feature includes faster scan, faster performance, intuitive user-interface. It’s one of the best free anti-virus that can take care of almost all kinds of virus and other threats. Not only that AVG also comes with a monitoring tool which keeps a check on web browser memory usage. PC Analyzer, Link Scanner and plethora of other features makes it stands out of the crowd.

Avast Free Edition

Next in the list of top free Anti-Virus comes the Avast Free Edition. Avast Free Edition provides the uncluttered user interface and apart from usual Windows protection provides a set of features including Web Rep, Auto Sandbox, Site Blocking and more. Users can customize plethora of features to work their way. The newer versions also include in-product Avast market and other quick fix. Being the user of this product, I would recommend you to choose the same.

Avira Free Anti-Virus

Avira Free Anti-Virus is another free anti-virus program which provides pretty basic features which are enough to protect your PC from against viruses, worms, Trojans, rootkits, adware, and spyware. Avira Free Anti-Virus features includes AntiVir, AntiAd/Spyware, AntiRootkit, QuickRemoval providing you the overall basic needs to enjoy PC comfortably.

Microsoft Security Essentials

Another simple to use but again providing basic features that guards your Microsoft Windows OS too well. As a Microsoft own product it works great till the basic needs, but provides slower performance in comparison to it’s competitor. Just a basic features users have to set and it’s up and running, but if you are looking for some customization and modification of features, I would not recommend this tool.

Bit Defender Free Edition

Another free to use Anti-Virus program for Windows is Bit Defender Free Edition. Simple interface providing access to in-details reports like Virus Scan, Scheduler, Live! Update, Quarantine, Reports. On demand scanning and more. Bit Defender is one of the oldest and amongst the most powerful Anti-Virus  there to secure your Windows PC. Along with that users can enjoy email and net scan, can also scan instant messengers and more. In all a good anti-virus program for all kind of users.

Apart from individual description of the above free Antivirus programs all the above tools can be updated manually as well as automatically. All are free to use, though interested users can grab their premium versions too. And if you are still looking for alternatives, you can also try McAfee Antivirus, Kaspersky Antivirus, Bit Defender Free Edition.

Here enjoy a bird eye view of the above Antivirus features and what they are made up of.

Software AVG Antivirus Free Edition 2012 Avast Free Edition Avira Free Antivirus Microsoft Security Essentials Bit Defender Free Edition
Windows Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mac OS No Yes(in beta) No No Yes
Linux No No No No Yes
Demand Scan Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Boot Time Scan Yes YES No No Yes
On Access Scan Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Do let us know which one you trust out of these.


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