How to remove the blogger banner and change the default favicon of blogspot blogs

March 7, 2010 | by

Here sharing the customization tip to remove the blue banner of  blogger (blogspot)  and the default favicon from your blogspot blog. This will certainly give a professional look to your blog.

Remove the blogger  banner

blogspot baner

1.     Login to your Blogger Dashboard and on “Layout” select ” Edit HTML” as displayed in the figure. (It is highly recommended to backup your template file before editing.


2.     Search for the line ” /* Variable definitions “ in the template file

3.     Insert the following code just before that  as shown

#navbar-iframe {
display: none !important;


6.    Save the Template and view the changes in your blog.

See this video tutorial also

Change the default favicon


1.     Follow the first and second steps as in the previous case

2.    Goto to make your favicon and get the direct link of your icon as shown.


3.    locate the tag “</head>” in your template HTML file and insert the link of favicon just before that


4.     Save the template and now view the blog.

It is understood that since the removal of  blogspot Nav bar is the violation of  Google TOS, the blog may get banned. Do this at your own risk.


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