Improve commercial communications with VoIP for business

March 17, 2011 | by

With the considerable advancement in speed and flexibility that came with the move from dial up internet to broadband, new opportunities were created for superior communications technology. These developments enabled users not only to communicate using written text but also by voice and picture. The new speeds allowed smooth and consistent voice and video conversations without significant delay. This new method of communication has since become widespread with many applications for both personal and commercial use. In many circles Voice over IP or VoIP for business has become the preferred means of communication and is the corner stone of modern business telephone systems.

Make use of the advantage

VoIP for business has a key advantage over landline telephone communication and that is cost. With traditional landline business telephone systems customers are charged a fixed line rental usually per month and on top of that they must pay for individual calls. On the scale of a large business these costs mount up very quickly and become a considerable overhead for the business. However, VoIP for business tends to function in a different way but it does vary between providers. Often there is no monthly charge for the service and customers simply pay for each call that is made. Moreover, the rates for making calls tend to be considerably lower than those of a traditional telephone line. Also, calls made to other VoIP for business users tend to be considerably reduced or even without charge altogether. Making use of this system may save a business a substantial amount of money every single day.

Real benefits for your business

However, the benefits of VoIP for business do not end there. The user interface of such systems allows for more efficient call management and greater flexibility when both making and receiving calls. Moreover, Voice over IP does not necessarily need to be limited to voice conversation and can be combined with video to enable convenient video conferencing. Further features of the system enable users to chat using written text and to transfer files between users quickly and effectively. All of these features can be used in conjunction or independently, ensuring that the system is exceptionally flexible. VoIP for business also introduces a new dimension of security to business communications which can be particularly important within some fields of enterprise. Without use of the traditional telephone network calls are much less prone to interception or being overheard by competitors, rendering VoIP for business one of the most secure of all business telephone systems.

The flexibility your organisation needs

VoIP for business offers companies many advantages over the traditional business telephone systems. First and foremost, the Voice over IP system is almost guaranteed to offer savings over traditional landline telephone services, whether calling other VoIP users or calling landline telephones. Secondly, the Voice over IP system offers greater flexibility with improved call management and options for video, text chat and file transfer. Finally, VoIP for business offers enhanced communications security which is essential when sharing sensitive or confidential information. With millions of users operating VoIP for business systems every single day the considerable benefits and opportunities are clear.


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