Innovative Tech From 2010: How It’s Changing Your Life in 2011

March 17, 2011 | by

The latest innovations in technology can take some time before they show up in the consumer market, where they start to have a larger impact on daily life.

For this reason, there is plenty of innovative tech from 2010 that will start changing your life in 2011.

Whether it’s the way that people communicate, work or play, new tech will continue to play an increasingly important role in daily life.

3D Televisions

After 60 years of development, 2010 became the year that 3D movies finally broke into the mainstream. It wasn’t that long ago that 3D movies were just cheap novelties. Now 3D technology is a big selling point that has the potential to pack theaters for weeks.

In 2010, some consumers might have noticed that 3D televisions and monitors began to trickle into the electronics stores near them. In 2011, that trickle will grow into a gushing river.

More and more manufacturers of home electronics have recognized that consumers have a legitimate interest in 3D technology. Increases in manufacturing will mean that prices start to come down, making them more affordable for the average buyer. That could mean that 2011 is the year that you bring 3D technology into your own home.

White Space Wireless Technology

The increased reliance on wireless technology has made it difficult for companies to find ways that their gadgets can interact without interfering with other wireless technologies. When broadcast television switched from analog to digital signals in 2009, that problem only became worse. It led, however, to an environment that has jump-started the wireless revolution in a way that will change your life, although you might not notice the changes at first.

After switching broadcast television from analog to digital signals, the FCC determined that the signals, called white space, previously used by television channels will now become unlicensed areas of the electromagnetic spectrum. That means companies can start making wireless products that can work faster and more reliably without interfering with other devices.

Some companies started using new technology to take advantage of the unlicensed spectrum in 2010. Microsoft, for instance, established a wireless network on its campus that uses white space technology. Google also started developing new white space technology in 2010.

In the upcoming year, you might find that these technologies have become an essential part of your life. How will you know? Your new phone won’t drop calls as frequently; the new wireless network at work will allow you to send and receive information faster; and you will find more wireless devices at home electronics stores.

Those who don’t know about white space technology will wonder what the heck is going on, but those who are in the know will embrace it and be super excited.

The speed at which innovative technology reaches consumers depends on market demand- and this is why technology education is so important in today’s world- a sluggish economy could and a decrease in education could slow the production of new consumer goods that use 3D and white space technology.

Chances are, however, that these technologies will soon impact your life, even if you aren’t aware of it.

This is a guest post by Jennifer Williams, a writer, turned traveler, turned blogger. She’s currently working on strengthening her technology education and going back to school.


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