Internet Phone: Technology of Today or Innovation of Tomorrow?

February 4, 2011 | by

I am Zach. I am working with Axvoice – VoIP Phone Service Providers. Blogging is my passion. My main area of interest is VoIP phone service. I have been blogging for the past 4 years.

Voice over internet protocol or VoIP refers to the technology concerned with having live telephony with people in other parts of the world over the internet. It could be called an Internet Phone. VoIP technology is advancing steadily. It has not however reached a point where one can expect to enjoy a perfectly lucid conversation with someone else over any internet connection. Perfect and unblemished quality, right now, is reserved for high speed internet connections such as broadband. Over slower connections, the quality of the voice conversation is liable to be heavily compromised. Technology is progressing however. It has become possible to have much higher quality conversations over slower connections. In addition to this, the quality of internet connections increase day by day and it has become possible to achieve so much more over the World Wide Web.

VoIP has many more benefits than most other types of telephony. It allows us the freedom of having a conversation with someone, no matter where he/she is, at any time considering that we have an active internet connection. That is not difficult, with the rapid advancement in networking technology; almost every place is equipped with one. This, in itself makes VoIP much better than other means of communication such as telephones, facsimiles etc as they have the inconvenient hassle of being fixed. Its real superiority however, over other networking devices really comes into light when we compare their prices. Calls made over the internet are much cheaper than calls made from cell phones. Moreover, it is even cheaper than landlines. This certainly is remarkable. Considering that you have a satisfactory internet connection. Internet Phone Service are much better and more economical than other means of voice calling. After all in a period of rising prices who would not want their bills to get lower?

All over the world businesses are drifting away from the traditional public switched telephone network (PSTN) to VoIP which combines the advantages of facsimile and other forms of phone service lowering overall costs of a business. There is the advantage of ‘fax catcher’ by which our voice mail box could easily receive faxes and call waiting etc. It is relatively simple to use with just a few configuration settings that need to be changed. There need not be any extra voice or data networks as phone calls can be made through existing networks. Services like call forwarding, automatic redial etc are provided free of cost for which PSTN charges very high prices indeed.

VoIP does have some drawbacks too however. It is heavily dependent on a reasonably sound internet connection. If that isn’t available, calls may get cut off unexpectedly which is quite inconvenient. Furthermore, signal strength is another problem. No matter how fast your internet connection is if for some reason your internet connection is cut off, you would not be able to carry your conversations. Perhaps a major drawback is the fact that a VoIP packet requires one packet to abort it transmission so that a new transmission could be started. Since calls are not ended midway header overheads increase i.e. total packet loss.

With progressing technology the potential disadvantages could easily be overcome. VoIP is the type of Internet Phone Service whose popularity is on the rise. Especially services provided by companies like Axvoice and Vonage are very much acknowledged and appreciated.


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