Pros and Cons of Adobe Photoshop CS4 for Better Career

March 12, 2011 | by

Even though the Adobe Photoshop CS4 is generally thought to be a graphic designing course, but in truth, this program is a very valuable program due to its image control aspects. Adobe CS4 certification is highly accepted throughout the world since the time it was introduced in the market. All the other competitors of this program met failure, but this program was and still is a success.

Today, a lot of people have been using this program and a cast majority wants to change the older versions with the latest ones because the latest ones have the specific features of the USP of the program that was not present in its ancestral versions. In addition to all the old facilities, this new version also possesses new equipment, known as the “raw”, which is the feature found in a lot of digital cameras as well.

When it is about the scrutinizing of the raw, the Adobe Photoshop CS4 possesses Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) that allows the formatting of about 200 or even more images through the JPEG and TIFF images. Moreover, this new version has also solved the problem of the jagged pixels that appear during the process of zooming the images. Images can now be zoomed from -07% to 3200% without the issue of jagged pixels.

Other than the raw tool, this version also includes contemporary burn, dodge and sponge tools as well. The latest tone feature allows you to do the dodging and burn activities at all those places where you want them to do. Moreover, this new version also possesses the adjustment equipment that has the opportunity to keep your images from destruction.

In addition, this new version also possesses the masking feature and many other highly complicated features as well. All these unique features have turned the Adobe Photoshop CS4 a very vital program for all those interested in the field of image editing.

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