Ipad is now OK for Israel.

April 26, 2010 | by

Good news for the Ipad fans of Israel. Israel has lifted the ban of Apple Ipad. Israel was telling that the strong WiFi signals can interfere with other devices and the technology is not comply with the Israel telecom regulations. The ban blocked even the tourists to to carry iPad into Israel.Travelers have been asked to pay for storage fees until they pick up their devices on the way out of the country. Many Israelis  have already purchased the device before the ban and a wave of protection against the ban stroked across the country. The Wireless and Telecom standards of Israel is almost similar to many other Europian countries but Israel is the only country who imposed a ban on iPad.

Yesterday the ministry of communication has lifted the ban on the import, sell and usage of ipad within Israel. The decision to lift the ban came following an “intensive technical scrutiny” -their press release says. The seized ipads have been returned to their respective owners.

Jerusalem post reports that the ban was intended to help the official distributor of Apple products in Israel – iDigital, which is owned by President Shimon Peres’s son, Chemi.


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