It doesn’t take a genius- Samsung’s new ad campaign and Apple fan boys reactions

September 17, 2012 | by

Samsung’s latest ad campaign- “It doesn’t take a genius” got widespread attentions through social networks and blogs. Through the features and specs Samsung proves their flagship smartphone Galaxy S3 is far ahead Apple’s new iPhone-5.

it doesn't take a genius

Apple fan boys reacts

Apple fan boys reacts- “Don’t settle for cheap plastic”.

don't settle for cheap plastic

Now the counter attack by Galaxy- SIII fans

(A comment on GSM Arena Blog)

  • Totally different plug   :- That’s gonna cost you money! and its not universal
  • 720p Front Facing Camera : That’s 0.9 MP, the S3 has 1.9 MP front camera
  • iCloud : fancy naming of syncing data online, Android has this since ice age
  • Shared Photo Stream: S3 has a photo share plus live editing
  • Panorama : Samsung has this feature in its specific camera since stone age
  • 700k Apps : Have fun downloading them all
  • Passbook : it’s just an app! Android has Google Wallet and several many on Google Play
  • Free OS Updates Annually= is it Free! Cool, We do have OS updates, in fact my Galaxy S3 received to OTA updates and the third is coming in few days
  • FaceTime= lol, fancy name of video calling, since 2007 Android has that (talking on 3G) plus we have Google Talk plus Google Hangout (multiple people in one call) there is so much more.
  • New Maps= Apple maps still new and has little coverage, in Fact I’m in Middle East and Apple maps doesn’t work here, but Google Navigation with voice commands works just fine, and guess what I don’t have to buy the latest phone to get it, it works on the tiny Galaxy Y
  • Airplay= lol again, in one click my Photo/Music/Video will be streamed to my 40 inches LED Samsung TV
  • Sleek and Durable= so it’s gonna sleek from your hand and survive the hit! Lets see about that
  • Game Center= define that please, do you pay any money for it!
  • iMessage= fancy name for Whatsapp for Apple products, Android integrates the app when it installs so Whatsapp/gtalk/any IM app/Viber/Facebook Messenger/etc…. are superior to iMessage coz they can send messages to ANYONE


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