Microsoft introduces Office 365 with the help of Cloud Software

November 16, 2010 | by

Microsoft office has introduced new versions of Office 365 which is used by 13 countries already has several features and applications in it. Small companies can now buy it for $6 and large companies have several options like $24 for one employee of the company on the basis of subscription, or even for $2 for one person for limited usage of the software. On the basis of the designation of the employee different slabs are offered by Microsoft office. The beta program of this software is still under process of experimentation.

Shortly, Microsoft Dynamics online CRM will be added to this software and another new version will be launched in future for the benefit of schools and colleges. Office 365 also has Exchange 2007 and Share Point 2007 features which is in support of 2010 edition. But Lync exists as the improved version of OC online.

GM of Microsoft has pointed out that the launch of Office 365 will provide support to Cloud service and all its customers will see progress because of it. And it will operate to integrate some of the Cloud applications as BPO, and Live@edu. It would cover all the existing major applications and tools. Apart from computer it is available in leading cell phones. Initially it was looked as an opponent by Google Applications which has once exerted great pressure on Microsoft. Later it was strengthened and confirmed as a rival of Google Apps which would try and find various other ways for survival. And in this event Google may loose the game also.

In this connection, Research Nuclear analyst Cain has pointed out that Microsoft will have to work hard to meet the expectations of its customers. However, there has been mixed response coming from the users of Office 365. Depending on this feedback, Microsoft would make effort to lure big organizations in the run.

From their perspective, Microsoft is sure that this would be a huge success but its future products will be using Cloud software. The President of Microsoft also agreed to this view and informed that Microsoft is sure of using cloud services in its products.

Office 365 is formulated to supplement the existing versions of Share Point, Lync and Office. Microsoft firmly believes its new launch will bring progress in unique way and the innovative features will be primarily launched on Cloud services only.

Research analysts Mathew Cain and Silver also announced that only after some years the Cloud software will face the demands of any type of company whether it is small or large.

Betsy Webb, General Manager of Microsoft declared that after the worldwide launch of Office 365 next year, Microsoft will take all efforts to improve the present condition of its customers to upgraded Window and it will teach and help them in all possible ways.


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