Microsoft will continue downgrade support to Windows XP until 2020

July 22, 2010 | by

Microsoft is the most successful company when it comes to the operating systems. As you know, there are millions of Windows users therefore it’s not strange that Microsoft wants to extend the life of the previous versions of Windows.

As for the Windows operating system, we have seen several versions over the years and the best version of them all was Windows XP. Windows XP was released back in the 2001 and it was most used operating system back then. Interesting thing is that many users were still using Windows XP when Windows Vista was released and they didn’t want to switch to never version of Windows. According to the survey in the beginning of the 2010, 56% users were using Windows XP although Windows 7 was released. This only proves that this amazing operating system is still popular and used by many users all over the world and it’s no wonder that Microsoft has decided to allow users to downgrade to Windows XP.

According to the latest news users will be able to downgrade to the Windows XP until 2020. This move seems strange since Microsoft usually terminates downgrade feature after few months since new operating system is released. When Windows 7 was released, the original idea was to cancel downgrade support after six months but instead Microsoft has decided to extend that period for downgrade to 18 months or until service pack for Windows 7 is released. According to another study, there are 74% of business users using Windows XP as their primary operating system. This is the main reason why Microsoft has decided to extend the downgrade feature to the 2020. According to the Microsoft, until Windows 7 is available, there will be downgrade option available to the XP. Although in 2020 Windows XP will be 19 year old operating system it’s still a nice knowing that XP will continue to exist.

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