Muscle powered Human Car- Can go up to 60 Miles per Hour!

August 15, 2010 | by

Most of the electric bikes and scooters are equipped with a pedal mechanism to run the bike in case of complete battery drain out. But it is experienced that this pedaling mechanism is for name sake only, means you cannot drive the bike for long distance or up to the next charging point by pedaling because of poor torque and speed.  Now a special hybrid car is going to hit the market which will run through battery as well as human muscle power. Yes, it can be called as Muscle car- Human car or whatever appropriate

Several such technologies have come and vanished because of on- field failures. This is not a new idea also. Professor Charles Samuel Greenwood, the inventor of the Human Car has been working with this idea since 1960s. Through various design changes, rigorous on road testes now the commercial version of a Human Car is going to hit the market.

Human car is a four seater vehicle with four rowing type arms positioned in front of each seats (Single, Dual versions are also available) Few front to back pulls are sufficient for startup. The rowing mechanism is claimed to be comfortable even for senior citizens also. It can travel at a speed of 30 miles per hour (48.28 Km/hr) in uphill and can attain a maximum speed of 60 miles per hour (96.56 Km/hr) in plain roads.  The mechanism is somewhat similar to the key driven toy cars. If one man is driving this vehicle it will work as a hybrid car and will use both muscle and electric power of battery. When four people are travelling all of them can crank and will work purely on muscle power. This will be one of the perfect solutions to improve your health and a contribution to reduce the global warming.

Professor Greenwood is much confidant about the commercial success of this vehicle. 100 pre- orders make his confident level up. He says “This vehicle is 100% sustainable and non-conventional; it reformats our perception of what a vehicle can do for us, and it makes us very healthy at the same time. Thus, a new feature is born: one of social responsibility.”

Cost of this innovative vehicle is US $ 15,000 and can do an advance booking through their website.

Human Car in action.


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