Now ImageShack service is not available for unregistered domains

February 23, 2011 | by one of the most popular image sharing sites stopped their service for unregistered domains. Today just noticed that instead of  original images, picture of  Frogs with a caption  “Unregistered domain go to to register” are appearing.

Unregistered Domain ImageShack

ImageShack is silent on this issue and not yet answered the queries in their forum. Now several Forums and blogs are filled with ugly yellow Frogs. A Domain registration  link is available in the  Home Page of their site. Site owners can register their domains with ImageShack through this form. I just tried to register but didn’t get any verification email or site verification instructions. Not clear how long it will take.

Problem is with the hot linked images only (Images directly linked to ImageShack). Now  direct links are accessible for registered users only. Forum and HTML Thumbnail codes are working flawlessly. Hot linked images in websites are viewable for registered users. These restrictions are intended  to increase registration and traffic towards their site. register to get direct image link

All Images are accessible  through the VPN servers of US /UK and other proxy sites without domain registration or sign up. This indicates that  restriction is applicable for the users in certain countries only.

If you have images hosted with ImageShack and used in blogs or forums then it is better to transfer those images to somewhere else. Images can be accessed after signing in.

Think about the internet marketers those who have used ImageShack hosted images in Newsletters !!


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