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June 12, 2012 | by

Google provides various tools to search the web,searching by images,searching by colors,searching by history e.t.c. The latest feature Google introduced is using time to filter your queries.

This is really great tool to optimize your search because in the world of information overload you wont miss a event or any website,by directly tuning the filter to recent time you will get the very latest update,each time you searching for a thing you need not look out for the date when the article was posted.

To use this feature Search a string in Google and in left panel you can see “More search tools”,hit that to pickup your time scale.


You can select various time range from past hour,past 24 hour or past year e.t.c.It is also a good tool to search the past,suppose you want to know about 2001 french open you can directly enter the year and search the string,you need not search a lot.Along with this feature “Reading level” is also introduced by which you can choose which post to read,basic or intermediate or advanced one.

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