Panasonic Toughbook U1 Ultra Unleashed

September 26, 2010 | by

Panasonic has gifted us with a series of bleeding edge gadgets over the ages and not to mention Toughbook has been outstanding among them.

For those who don’t know about this gadget, let me tell you, the Panasonic Toughbook U1 not only is the smallest laptop ever but it also is one of the most durable of all the notebooks that you can think of. So, if you are concerned with the strength and power of your laptop, its design and performance and also are looking for something that can stand the pain of being dropped, this definitely is your take.

After the huge success of the Toughbook Panasonic has moved on to its update with Toughbook U1 Ultra. The predecessor in the line will now be known as the Toughbook U1 Essential. The Toughbook Essential will be available at $1,899 and will be existent parallel to the Toughbook Ultra.

Both the devices will flaunt a 5.6-inch display, a thumb keyboard, and twin batteries.  These gadgets are moulded out of magnesium alloy, and are encased in tough polycarbonate. The device enjoys lightning fast transfer rates with the in-built solid-state drives (SSD). The hard disk drive is durable and provides its users with shock-proof technology for extra protection.

With U1 Ultra the Toughbook has come up with amendments such as TransflectivePlus display technology which will equip it’s users to view the touchscreen even in sunlight for up to 6000 nit. The device will be running on Windows 7 along with the latest hardware support.

It is power-packed with a Intel Atom Z530 1.6GHz processor and has a 2Gb RAM and 64Gb SSD support in the back-end. So, this means you are getting more speed and a much more futuristic sleek interface bundled altogether.

Adding to all this, there is the facility of a 2-megapixel camera which will enable you to get on with all your necessities like clicking some of those precious moments, video conferencing with your colleagues and loved ones. Not only this, unlike other webcams this one comes along with twin leds. Also you can get your hands on a barcode reader if you are linked with the market.  Like most other popular commercial notebooks Toughbook Ultra also facilitates its user with a finger-print reader.

This machine as marketed not only is power-packed on the outside but is totally durable inside. It is equipped with a set of two batteries which may be quite a normal thing but the awe-inspiring arrangements of the batteries which allows the user to get on with work even when one of the two cells is being charged.

Now, don’t you expect to bag this cutting edge tool at a nominal price. It comes along with the tag of $2,899.


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