Railway E- Ticketing system for Defence personal of India

February 5, 2010 | by

trainA good news for defense personal  of India. No more waiting in long queues of railway station. No more filling of railway warrants, railway forms and concession vouchers. The Controller General  of Defence Accounts (CGDA) has started its e-ticketing pilot project, by which soldiers serving in altered locations of the country will be able to get tickets at their corresponding units. In a year’s time, the activity will be available throughout the country.

A travel portal has since been developed by CGDA office and a Pilot Project to cover 20 units of three defence services i.e. Army, Navy and Air Force at different locations in the country. The project has been launched by Vice-Chief of Army Staff on 30 December 09 from the CGDA HQ office Delhi.

How the systems works

E-ticketing system in lieu of Railway warrant is being developed via web services integration offered by IRCTC. Railway tickets can be booked by any unit over the internet through a centralized portal being developed by the CGDA. A predefined amount will be deposited in the Revolving Account at the central level with IRCTC. Tickets booked by any unit will be debited against this revolving account. The money will be recouped in the Revolving account periodically.

Advantages of this system

  1. Audit & Accounting of the travel entitlement will be automatically carried out the time of booking itself.
  2. No wrong claim can be made by the Railways;
  3. Cash handing will be nil.
  4. Precious time of officer and PBORs being wasted in the Railway station as is happening in the present system will be avoided.
  5. No extra work load at the unit level.
  6. No involvement of postal Department.
  7. Unit will be saved from the complicated task of handling accounting of warrants/Form’D’/CVs etc.
  8. Proper budgetary control can be exercised and MIS for decision making will be available centrally.
  9. No hassle in getting the refund for cancelled tickets
  10. Minimum manual intervention, hence saving in manpower & administrative cost
  11. Financial saving as the recurring processing charges to railways will be done away with.

Source: CGDA


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