Simplest way to use your Android device as Mouse and keyboard

June 9, 2012 | by

You must have used your android device as wifi hotspot,have you ever imagined to control your computer with your android device?? without paying any money! just follow the steps to use your android device as Mouse and keyboard,all you need to do is to connect both your PC and mobile to internet and start playing with your device.


Step 1: Click this URL and download the application to your android mobile (the ap is free of cost in market)

Step 2: Click this URL and get the Desktop application of the same software.

Step3: As soon as you Unzip the desktop application you will get a IP as shown below


Step 3: Open the application in andorid device and put the same IP as shown in the desktop application and hit connect


Thats it you have done Now you can type and surf your computer with your mobile!!


Note: 1) Both device and computer need to be connected to internet.

2) You need JE to run the desktop applocation,if you dont have download from here



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