Why android 3.0 tablets will eventually beat the IPad

February 23, 2011 | by

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Looking back, Android has gone a long way from being a simple innovative smartphone OS. With the upcoming release of Android 3.0, the android tablet will become one of the major players in the tablet market. Major hardware manufacturers such as Motorola, Asus, Dell, HTC and LG will release tablet pcs powered with Android that will offer a range of new choices to consumers.  What do Android tablets have to offer when compared to Apple’s IPad and why you should buy one?


We know that the cost of the iPad (both IPad1 and the upcoming Ipad2) is much higher than the current cost of a descent android tablet.  Android 3.0 tablets will cost more than the current devices (still less than the IPad) but this will change quite soon due to the competitive dynamic of manufacturers, which will continue to decrease the cost of these Android tablets. Though for iPad, you can expect little versatility of the price because of lack of brand competition.


Many people forget the power of open-source when it comes to software and the advantages it has to offer to the end users. The openness of the android 3.0 OS means more innovative developments by the manufactures that choose android for their tablets. The increase demand and support will definitely improve the user experience and will create new horizons for tablet computing.  As for the case of iPad you have to rely on Apple’s development timeline.

Live in the cloud

Android native applications (Gmail, Google Docs, GTalk and many more) for tablets are fully compatible with Google’s cloud application framework so you get to access your data from your tablet through an Internet connection from anywhere you are. This means that you can easily personalize your tablet without having to go through configurations or installing other applications.

Honeycomb Features

One of the biggest reasons as to why you should choose an android tablet instead of IPad is Android 3.0. Honeycomb is an operating system optimized for tablets and has some very nice and exciting features.

True Multitasking

Multitasking through side tabs and the new widget system allows you to have a collection of data in small portions and bubble up information on your home screen for easier and quicker access. Widgets allow you to view the information you need without sacrificing speed and having a clear uncomplicated view of all apps.

New Applications optimized for Tablet screens

Tablets have a bigger screen compared to smartphones. They range from 7 (Dell Streak), 9 (LG G Slate) and 10 (Motorola XOOM) inch.  What Google did with Android 3.0 is create new versions of the basic applications optimized for tablets and with new features. For example the new version of Google Maps with its upgraded dynamic rendering technology along with 3D graphics allows you to zoom, tilt and rotate the map and view 3D sketches of building.


Android 3.0 tablets have built-in support for 3D graphics and some (LG G Slate) has even a 3D camera that allows you to take 3D photos!  With 3D graphics support Android tablets can offer you a full gaming and true multimedia experience. They are also great in viewing of photos, videos and flash based web sites.

Market Response

Recent reports showed that android based smartphones are now the leader in the mobile market. It is more than certain that consumers will love the new android OS and this will make the market adapt to this new way of computing. We have already seen optimized applications by CNN, Economists and other media providers and this trend will continue and increase the next couple of months.

The android tablet will succeed because it is targeting both the user’s needs and the developer’s needs. Fortunately they catered well in providing users full and true tablet experience and for developer’s ways to promote and monetize their applications.


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