Security flaw in Android could affect 99% of all handsets

July 8, 2013 | by

Android smart phones are at risk. Smartphones . Researchers of Blueblox, a company specializing in electronic security devices, discovered a flaw that can affect up to 99% of the devices with Android Operating system. Through this loophole, malicious user can fully control the phone from others.

The operation of the hack, obviously, was not disclosed by BlueBox but the vulnerability has existed since Android 1.6 and has curious properties. Hackers could exploit the flaw to edit legitimate codes  of APKs without breaking the cryptographic signatures of them. Thus it would be possible to insert malicious content in the programs to be installed.

To infect the phone, a notification of update for the app would appear to the user, which would authorize your phone to be fully explored instead of being updated. Researchers say hackers be able to gain full control of the user’s phone from this primary invasion.

Bluebox notified Google about the failure in February and presently Samsung  Galaxy S4 is the only device currently immune to this threat. According to the company’s CTO, Jeff Forristal, an update will hit Nexus devices  soon.


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