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April 20, 2011 | by

Back linking is the staple diet of any SEO – the more the merrier in terms of quantity used to be the agenda of the day; or should you be really looking for quality over quantity?

Get them as fast as you Can Approach

This is the approach many new to internet marketing take. Purchase a new domain, set up hosting and add a few pages on a regular CMS (WordPress is the most popular). You now begin throwing some back links at the TLD (top level domain) and sit back waiting for glory.

This is something which until a few years ago simply tended to work. Paying little to no regard to the quality of back links and just getting them, as many of them and as quickly as possible, was effective in achieving ranking gains.

Not anymore, not in today’s Google…

Try this technique on a new domain and gain links back to your site quickly will be a futile exercise. You may see some quick gains in the serps but it will be short lived for just a matter of days. After this the chances are your website will fall to obscurity and will take considerable efforts to recover. Not only that but your site url will be labelled ‘Spam’ and you don’t want that to happen do you?

Quality over Quantity

Thankfully, I have always adopted this approach and I can tell you now that yes, it takes awhile longer to see results but when you do they will be sustained and long lived. I recently wrote an article for another leading tech blog around the recent Google update (entitled the ‘Panda Farmer’) which in essence explained how I managed to avoid being the subject of Google’s wrath yet again for my entire growing site portfolio.

Do you know how I did this?

Simple. I abided by the above approach of only obtaining back links which rested upon authoritative domains. By doing so, my rankings remain consistent (consistently good) and I have confidence into the longer term they will remain so.

How do you obtain quality authoritative back links for your website?

There are a number of methods all of which require work on your part (sorry, no easy wins here) but each of which applies the same process of only obtaining links on trusted and respected domains.

Here are my top 3 techniques to putting your back linking efforts on a diet;

1. Guest posts (like this one – is an authoritative and respected website)

2. Guest commenting (this requires leaving a comment which adds value to the overall discussion without ever spamming websites)

3. Article directory writing (there are a number of respected article directories which even after the recent updates continue to provide quality and trusted links back to your website)

None of these techniques in my view are groundbreaking and there is nothing wrong in promoting your website in order to achieve better serp placement. Just ensure that when you do undertake any promotional campaigns you abide by the trusted mantra that quality will always win over hundreds of low quantity links.

Graham Turnbull is a freelance writer from the UK and specialises in search engine optimisation techniques. He is currently working with a Logo Design company whom specialise in producing quality cut price graphic logos for small and large businesses.


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