The Best 5 Motoring Apps for the iPad

May 28, 2011 | by

The iPad has revolutionised the market for laptops and mobile phones by meeting somewhere in the middle. Its sleek design and vast app store means the iPad continues to sell like all Apple products seem to do these days. Here are 5 of the best motoring apps for the car enthusiast in all of us.

Real Racing 2 HD

With app developers, Firemint, exploiting the iPad 2’s new 543 graphics chip, Real Racing 2 HD delivers like no other car game available. The award-winning developers have creating something that is like a mini, scale-down version of Gran Turismo – and all for $9.99.

Utilising the iPad’s gyroscope technology, Real Racing 2 comes with real cars, exciting tracks and graphics that will leave your friends stunned. If you’re a true petrolhead, then Real Racing 2 HD is the first app you need to download.


Drift Mania Championship

You don’t have to live in Japan to enjoy a bit of sideways action. Thanks to the Drift Mania Championship app you can now drift to your heart’s content and in the knowledge that, if you do crash, everything will be alright.

The graphics aren’t Real Racing quality, but the simple gameplay and various levels, Drift Mania Championship will have you oversteering long into the night.

Shrek Kart HD

Shrek, go-karts and HD quality – sounds like a night of aroused genitalia, doesn’t it? Well, if you fancy some of the action, download the Shrek Kart HD app. This beautiful app is basically Mario Kart but with the characters from the film, Shrek.

Vie for the kingdom’s championship by battling past your opponents by beating them up with unlockable boxes throughout the course. This is serious addictive fun, so be warned! Don’t come crying to us when your boss fires you for playing Shrek Kart at work.


GT Racing: Motor Academy

GT Racing: Motor Academy looks as beautiful as any motoring app on the iPad thanks to its smooth graphics and realistic scenery and cars. With HD graphics combined with iPad-happy controls, GT Racing plays as well as it looks.

And with the ability to modify and upgrade your car, the app just continues to dazzle, amaze and excite way further than most other motoring-based apps. Try out the career mode for the ultimate challenge.


Need for Speed: Shift

When a famous brand name like Need for Speed comes to the app store, you’re sure the game is going to be quality, and the Need for Speed: Shift app for the iPad certainly lives up to the hype. With 28 cars to choose from – including the Bugatti Veyron and Lexus LFA – Shift manages to convince the player that this is a PS2 game – rather than an iPad app.

The graphics are incredible, the gameplay is rewarding and the controls as simple; it’s a game that truly justifies the iPad’s place on the tablet throne. With over 18 tracks, Shift will keep you draining your battery for months – guaranteed.


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