The three best options to manage your music library on Windows 7

November 12, 2010 | by

Everyone loves to listen to their music digitally now. Let’s face it, the CD has been replaced by the digital music file. And it has been this way for a while now. Sure there are still a lot of CD sales, but if you want to capture the younger audience who make up the bulk of the music buying public, then you must think digitally. These days, all of these kids have a huge amount of digital music available on their computer. With so much music, it is easy to lose a file that you just downloaded. So the best way to manage it is to use a piece of software to handle it for you. We have three software options that will handle keeping your music library in order quite well. We will go over the choices and let you decide which one sounds right for you.

The first option to make sure you have tight control over your music library is Apple’s itunes software. This is of course the lead pick since it is the natural software to user for anyone with an IPod or iPhone. Those being the two most popular digital music players around , makes this an obvious choice. But besides that advantage, it also has very nice features that will help you create a play list for your music. The one drawback is that the interface is a little different than other Windows based programs. So it may take time for someone who has only used Windows all of their life to get used to. Once you do get used to it, you will find that it is a pleasant experience.

The second option for you to manage your digital music files is the Winamp player. This software gives you a really clean interface, while at the same time offers you the chance to manage your radio streams as well. It’s treats radio streams as a first class citizen in the player. This makes is so that you can arraign your play list by the style of music and not just the type of files that it is. It also does a pretty good job of detecting all MP3 players that attach to your computer and not just the IPod. This gives it a real advantage over Apple’s itunes.

Last but not least, well maybe by a small margin, we have Windows Media player. The one advantage that it has in managing your music files, is the integration with the rest of the Windows explorer folders. You can use the explorer commands to be able to place a file inside of your Windows media library. This makes control your media library very convenient. The interface is a little bit confusing and not as clean as the other two but adding files to the library is the cleanest of all three.

So we have given you the best three options that will let you manage your music library on Windows 7. Whatever you decide, if you pick one of the three on this list, you will surely enjoy your experience.


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