Fix the freezing problem of Windows 7

May 30, 2010 | by

One of the main reported troubles with Windows 7 is the freezing problem- windows get freezes occasionally on multi- tasking. The main issue is that the freezing is un-predictable, it occurs randomly. After freezing mouse, keyboard may not work- the only option is power off or reset. The problem is common for both 32 and 64 bit systems. Here some tips to get rid off this problem

Excessive use of system resources: The minimum specified memory requirement for Windows 7 is 1 GB RAM for 32 bit and 2GB for 64 bit. The processor speed must be 1 GHz or greater. Remember this is minimum requirement. If you operate multiple programs a  1 GB RAM will not be sufficient for smooth operations.  The browsers like Firefox itself using around 200 MB on active browsing. If you have less system resources, remove the unwanted programs from startup and kill the idle processes through task manager

Registry issues: Another root cause of freezing problem is related with registry. Windows registry is a kind of database stores the information related to the software, hardware and user settings  used to run  the system. Each and every operation of a Windows machine is related to registry so the any problems with registry can vitally affect the system performance. Over a period of time, the registry become cluttered and fragmented which badly affect the system performance or can cause even a system crash. Then what is the solution for this?-Number of free registry tuning / tweaking utilities are available to clean and fix the registry problems.  Eg; Tuneup utilities, System mechanic, ccleaner.etc

Driver problems: The corrupt, outdated or incompatible drivers can cause the freezing of windows. Update your motherboard and other drivers with a latest one. Update BIOS with latest one.

Software issues- Some Softwares are not yet fully compatible with Windows 7, especially the anti virus softwares. Identify the culprit program through one by one enable/disable.

Driver problems: Many default drivers installed automatically along with the Windows 7 may not be compatible to your physical hardware especially the hard disc drivers.The main reported issues with graphic drivers. Get the correct drivers according to your hardware and re-install.

Virus infection- Update your anti virus software and scan the system for any issues. Malwares or worms can use high system resources on background which badly affect the performance of the operating system.

Power settings: Change the default power settings from balance to “high performance” which may solve the problem.

Hardware problems: Faults in the addon hardware like TV Tuner card, USB Hub, External hard drive, Modems etc. It has been noticed that the unused – incompatible hardware devices plugged into the system can crash the system. Remove such devices.

Updates: Microsoft releases regular updates to fix the OS related and security problems, hence it is always significant to update your system with latest patches.

Please share your experience and any tweaks /tips other than these to get rid of the freezing problem of Window 7


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