These smart phones can change your life, but yet to be developed.

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Nowadays mobile phones are become an inevitable part of our daily life. Companies are competing to fill more and more features in this small device. How the smart phones differ from the normal phones? Simply we can say it is smarter than ordinary phones because of the added features. Smart phones are the perfect blend of other gadgets like PDA, camera, music player, gaming pod,

Pomegranate Phone

projectors and many more. Then which is the smartest phone? Can we say the phone with maximum features? Is there any such measure of smartness? Or can we weigh all the phones in the same balance? It’s somewhat difficult to say. If someone asks you to pick one from the popular smart phones iPhone, Blackberry, Nexus, HTC desire, or Nokia N 900 etc, then certainly you will be in a dilemma. We have to compromise with some features to select a better one out of these. Otherwise there should be such a dream phone like Pomegranate Phone.

Pomegranate Phone

Not heard about Pomegranate Phone? It was created a huge buzz few months back and still continuing. If you visit site can familiarize all the features of this phone

through a stunning interactive flash video. It is a dream phone with the

Coffee Brewer

features that no other phones can offer. Apart from the common features of a smart phone Pomegranate N 08 phone is embedded with some special features like coffee brewer, High resolution projector, Shaver, Voice translator, Harmonica etc.  You will certainly love to bag such  a device after going through the features but the funniest part is that there is no such smart phone exists.  If you click the release date button or “I have seen enough “ button then will be directed to the information about the Canadian province Nova Scotia. This is said to be a part of $ 3000,000 ad campaign of  Nova Scotia, which brought millions of visit to this site since its launch (30 Sep 2008) and still counting.  The creative ad designers have beautifully utilized a fictitious smart phone to promote the tourism.

Mozilla Seabird

Mozilla Seabird

This is not an odd one, may be inspired from this or not, the browser giant Mozilla has also presented a dream  smart phone named Mozilla  Seabird as a part of  Mozilla Labs concept series. This is not as fictitious as the Pomegranate phone and almost close to reality. This is the idea of Billy May, a Mozilla Labs community member. He took the ideas and feedback from the community to mould the concept of Mozilla Seabird. The features list include Dual Pico Projectors placed on the sides, detachable Bluetooth dongle , which can act as IR remote control, wireless charging etc. Whenever required, the phone can be used as a full PC through the features of IR keyboard and pico projectors.

Google live translator phone

The search engine giant Google is  in the process of developing a live translation smart phone. Since they are offering web based text translation service for 52 languages and voice recognized search facility,  it will not be much difficult for them to develop such a smart phone. The head of translation team Franz Och said , they have already started the work and the first version is  expected to be  launched by 2011.

Development of such a live language translation phone can change the life in the country like India where each and every state speaks different language.  There are several practical constraints in the development of such a smart phone. As we discussed in the beginning, present day smart phones simply integrating the features of the already available gadgets to meet the requirement but no such a foolproof voice translation gadget is available at least for Indian languages. The problems related with the unpredictable range of different language accents by different people are the main challenge to develop such a product.  Presently Hindi is the the  one and only Google translation supported Indian language. So we have to wait years for such a device.

If someone asks me about the dream feature of  a smart phone , without a second thought I can say “ Live voice translation”. What about you?

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