Tips for getting the most out of your Blackberry phone

March 7, 2011 | by

Blackberry phones are popular among business and consumer users of mobile phones for many reasons. RIM (Research in Motion), the makers of Blackberry, are known for their security and secrecy along with making great phones.  They are locked in a close race with Apple and Android for the most popular phone operating system in the world. In this article I’ll share some tips about how to get the most out of these phones so you get your money’s worth.

Backup and Restore

Download the Blackberry desktop software (available for PC or Mac) to be able to backup and restore everything on your Blackberry. If you are like me, your life is practically contained in your mobile phone – losing your contacts and messages would be devastating. Back everything up at least once a week if not daily to protect yourself against accidents (they do happen!) and theft.

Media Sync

Get music, photos, and videos on your Blackberry using the media sync feature in the desktop software. You can sync with iTunes or Windows media player so everything on your computer is also on your phone. Also you can get Amazon MP3s on your phone too (they have everything don’t they?) .  With the desktop software you can control which music, photos, and videos are saved to your phone and which are saved to your computer so don’t worry about filling up all the space on your Blackberry.

Unlock it

Many mobile phone providers lock their Blackberries to the network so you can’t take the SIM card out and change networks easily. Thankfully crafty phone hackers have found their way around this. Get a Blackberry unlock code to set your phone free to be able to use any network – just get the code, follow the simple instructions, and then you can use the network you like. As a frequent traveler, this is invaluable to me as I can’t afford to pay all the roaming and international fees that occur when traveling with my home network. Just put in a local SIM card from a local network and pay the local charges.

Get Apps

Blackberry App World has tons of awesome apps and many of them are free. There are social networking apps like Facebook and Twitter to keep up with your friends and colleagues on the go. There are tons of free games to play such as Bubble Army, Gangstar, and Air Traffic Control. Documents to Go is a useful app that lets you view and edit Microsoft Office documents. Opera Mini is a great web browser for Blackberry which many people prefer over the standard browser. This could go on forever as there are thousands of apps, and depending on your needs, you might not use any of these apps but many of them are very useful and/or fun.

The Blackberry is a useful business tool and a great phone to have. Despite the recent rise of Android, Blackberry isn’t going anywhere and will certainly play an important role in the smartphone market for years to come. Hopefully you are able to take something away from this article and enjoy your Blackberry much more afterwards.


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