Top 10 SEO Basics to be Known

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There are lot of things on internet to learn , related to SEO and webmaster tools.
What ever SEO trick we learn becomes older in few days. So need for the seek of new tricks in SEO world never ends..

But there are some absolute basic things you must know, to become a successful SEO.

And here I try to list out ten of them :

If you think I have missed any, plz add them in comments..

1. Search engine BOTS/Crawlers cannot read images and flash content, so its always better replace images instead of flash. but be wise enough to add alt text for images from which crawlers can understand whats there on the image.

2. Your site must help search engine to crawl your pages/posts easily, i.e. you must use a sitemap on your

3. Never forget to include a direction file for search robot which is called as robot file. You must include your robot file at

4. Your website load speed score must be at least 70-75 if you want the Google to sort your page higher. You can check your site page load speed at

5. We all know that “Content is the King” but more important thing to know is that the content must be Unique and you must never copy anything from anywhere unless it is a quote or something else which you cannot change.

6. Google give importance to links coming in and going out as well. always link to sites which have some standards.

7. Bog commenting and guest posting are two major steps for success.. But never try to spam by comments and never try to cheat admins by duplicate guest posts. Because the site owner will be blacklisted from Google if you make a duplicate post. Which is not so ethical.

8. Never leave your blog non updated for more than 30 days/45 days. Which will make google bot to decrease crawl rate. It is a best practice to update blogs at least once in a week.

9. Be wise while selecting SEO companies to promote your blog. Many of them use Viral BOTs to make you rank higher instantly. But this may lead to a ban from Google later.

10. Use as many social networks as you can to promote your blog. But be fair enough not to spam there.

These are the things which maters a lot in SEO ,. If you know something else please do add them as a comment below.

Thank you for reading,

-Guest Blogger.


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