Top 4 IPhone App for Job Seekers

September 29, 2011 | by

In the life we are living in today, many people are becoming desperate by the day due to lack of jobs. This is because many of the job positions filled up or people get the information about some postings too late. This makes one unable to attend even a single interview due to lack of information. This is the reason why IPhone and mac users no longer have to worry about the information disbursed. This is because there are some iPhone applications that are specifically made to help you get hold of a job you are qualified.

A Sneak Preview of the iPhone Applications For Job Seekers

IPhone and its software developers are keen to make sure that they make your life even simpler and fun. With their launch of iPhone applications that are intended to help job seekers find their dreams jobs. This is because some of these applications will guide you on some of the office etiquette behavior’s that you should have leave alone where the interview will take place. Some of these applications are-

  1. The linked in app: With the current age and everything taking a technological turnaround, many companies and people have found it easier to post job positions in some of the social networking sites. One of the sites that promote this is Linked-In.  Now with the Linked In application, you will get updates of the current job positions to help you in choosing the ones that capture your attention. With the application installed in your iPhone, you will no longer have to walk long distances to look for work but instead, the job postings will find you from wherever you are.
  2. Job compass app: If you are one of the people who are not afraid of storming unannounced in offices, then this is the application for you. This application helps you in identifying job positions around you and downloads the map to the office to your iPhone. This application goes through the pain of looking for directions and shows you where the office is.
  3. The beam me CV app:  This is an application that helps you send your curriculum vitae and business card to almost anyone who you feel should have a heads up on what you are qualified of. This application allows you to send the curriculum vitae to any person even if he or she does not have a smartphone. With this application at hand, one will be able to send applications to numerous companies as you come across them without having to look for a computer to do the same.
  4. The mint app:  One thing that many of the job seekers have in common is the fact that they have a tight budget. Everyone is careful on what he or she buys because if there is some wrongful spending done, then you will have some things going wrong. This is where the mint app comes in hand. This application will help you in tracking your spending and warn you in case you overspend. It makes a budget for you too so that you do not overspend.
This is a guest post by Janes Smith who is doing SY0-301 and VCP-510 exams.


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