Top 4 online freeware to convert PDF to flash digital flip books

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Most friends have the requirement of convert PDF files to flash flip book. It is really wonderful to upload PDF to website or add PDF to certain portable devices as a digital magazine which can have page turning effect. However, you may get headache since no suitable software especially online software to do the PDF to flash digital magazine conversion for you on Windows.

This article will introduce you several popular on line freeware to turn PDF to digital magazine. After reading this article, you may immediately add it to your bookmark.



Discription: Issuu is popular freeware in whose who want to turn PDF to digital flip book. And it is welcomed by PDF users. You can upload PDF files from your local driver to this website. In order to get the converted digital flip book files, you should provide a email address to receive the link of your PDF digital magizine. As soon as your Publication is ready, you can start embedding it to your website, blog, Facebook profile etc. You can also change your issuu to match your test.

Use guide: This online software with clean interface is very easy to handle. Just in four steps you are able to finish the conversion. Step 1. Import PDF files from PC then click “next” to navigate to next step; Step 2. Enter a title and description for your PDF files; Step 3. Fill your email address on the blank area; Step 4. Click next to upload your PDF files to this website. It take minutes to create your issuu, so do not forget to check your Inbox in a short while.



Description: aXmag enable you to easily create a fantastic flash page flip publication within 3 simple steps. Only PDF files which smaller then 10M can be upload to program and converted to flip digital magazine. However, if you are the VIP, more benefit can be gained. With this site, you can not only convert PDF from your local diver, but also can turn the online PDF webpage to flash flip magizine. You email address is needed.When the PDF to Flash page flipping conversion is done, you will receive an email with the online review link and enjoy the brand new page flipping experience. You can send the link to others if you what to share the PDF to Flash page flipping publication online.

Use guide: You can finish the conversion within three steps. Step 1. Choose PDF files from your local driver or Internet; Step 2. Fill out your email address; Step 3. Upload and convert PDF.



Description: Codebox is another free online tool that lets you easily convert a pdf file to a flippable ebook. This online software enable you to select your preferences, that is, you are able to set parameter of your converted flip book such as page width and height, zoom factor, interface languge, panel color, text color, background color, etc. You can download converted files on PC as soon as the PDF conversion finished. No need of email address.

Use guide: Very simple. Step 1. Load PDF files from PC; Step 2. Set your preferences; Step 3. Start conversion


Description: Pagegangster is a quick and easy way to publish your magazine, catalog, brochure, annual report or book online into a slick and easy to navigate flip book. You need to provide a valid email address for this program. Besides English, you can select one of other 23 languages as the player language. The finish of conversion means that your publication is being built. And you will receive a mail shortly containing a link to active your account. You should log in to your account to edit and customize your publications. Some of the options inclue optimization for search engines, statistics overview, direct hyperlink creation and switching up the skins.

Use guide: Three steps. Step 1. Click “Browse” to load PDF files from PC; Step 2. Enter your a valid address and select language for the player; Step 3. Start conversion.
Don’t forget to check your email and then active the account of this website to customize your publications.

By the way, you have mentioned that online freeware are often not stable for the PDF to flip digital book conversion. Moreover the quality is not as superb as commercial shareware. If you have higher requirement of output quality, you can try to downlad and install Doremisoft PDF to Flash Converter on PC or Flash Flip book creator for Mac.


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