Top reasons why people hate the iPhone

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iPhones have received a mixed reaction form the customers. This article enlists the top reasons why the iPhone is hated by a lot of people. It explains in detail the drawbacks of this device and what are the primary reasons why non iPhone users prefer to stay that way

Although many people claim that the iPhone is the best ever Smartphone to have ever entered the markets, there are many who disagree, fiercely. The thing about iPhones is that it has a very interesting mix of reactions. There are extremists on both sides. People either love or they hate it.


Conformist Attitude

A maximum percentage of the haters admit that they don’t hate the device as much as they hate the conformist attitude pulled up by the iPhone-ists. It’s almost like a cult. People follow it like a religion and refuse to accept any other fact about it. They would never admit that there is a problem with their device, or even that some other device is better than theirs. There are fans that would do practically anything, in order to get their hands on the new devices just a few hours before the release.

Arrogance Galore

The picture portrayed by Apple is that of arrogance. Even its advertisements highlight that this device for the elitist with great taste. That they belong to a distinct group of the high end society. It’s not bad at all that they think that the iPhone is a great device. What is really bad is the fact that they accuse the others of a bad taste. What it does in turn is, portray Apple as a snobbish company, encouraging snobbish behaviour.

Stuck With Memory

It is a known fact that the iPhone 5 tasche comes in two memory capacities. A 16GB and a 32GB. Now, the thing about the iPhone is that you can’t change or increase the memory of these devices even if you tried. Android phones have an extendable memory system, where you can add another memory card with as much capacity as you please.

The battery

The thing about the iPhone is that you cannot remove its battery. Isn’t that disturbing? I mean, what if there is a problem, or water or anything. You will have to take it to an Apple ‘Genius’ and have it taken care of. That’s wasting too much money unnecessarily. Had the battery been removable, it would’ve been a lot easier to simply pop it off the device.

IPhone application development

Unlike Android, iPhone is not Open Source. This means that when iPhone app developers wish to create an app they need to get involved in a lot of rules and regulations imposed by Apple. In case of an Android, you do what you like. You can use your imagination to create any kind of app that you want and therefore get a customised application.

Difficult to switch from Windows to Mac

People, who have been using Windows forever, can find it a bit intimidating to switch over to Mac. Everything about it is different. Since Windows has been there forever, it is difficult to break the habits of windows and therefore it becomes really difficult.

Terrible updates

IPhones are infamous for their lack of updation. It is noted that they practically put in the minimal updates and always charge a full price. The thing is that within a year, your iPhone or iPad will turn obsolete because there will be a number of changes in the new device. The thing to note here is that the device you already own cannot be upgraded. You will simply have to buy another device. This means you will have to shell out a fortune every year. Or alternatively, get stuck with an old model.

Not a Business Phone

No doubt iPhones have a number of great features and applications but they can never solve the purpose of a business phone. It does not facilitate workflow assistance, documentation exchange or even datasheet upload and download. The iPhone is more of an entertainment phone. It can’t be used as a business phone.

This is a guest article is written by Daliah Kaif , an iPhone app developer currently associated with VitebMobileApps, a mobile application development company that specializes in iPhone application development. This company provides its services across the world and is among the industry leaders.


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